Run To Remember 2019: A Chat With the Team Coaches


How did you get into running 5Ks/10ks/Half Marathons?

Andrew: When I was young I ran my first distance race and I remember thinking - this is really hard - but it was so much fun and exhilarating. The challenge of setting a goal and achieving it meant a lot to me.

Kris: I started running 10Ks, half marathons, and full marathons because of my father, a 32 year Los Angeles Marathon Legacy runner. My father received that title because of his incredible commitment to the Los Angeles Marathon, completing every LA Marathon up to date. 

What are your training tips for long distance runs?

Andrew: My advice is first to train for it. That way you can listen to your body and understand and enjoy the run. Go out slower than you think. Pace yourself Constantly hydrate. Add in a secret weapon: gummy bears and/or electrolytes.

Kris: My greatest tip for running long distance is to start by gradually increasing your miles every week. I would not advise going out the first time and attempting to run six miles if you have never done this before. Start with 2-3 miles, and increase your run by 1 mile every week or two depending on how you are feeling.


What has your past experience with Run to Remember? Why do you participate in it?

Andrew: I warmed up everyone to Run to Remember and it was an honor to salute the first responders and everyone who supports them. And my students who ran the race - crushed it!

Kris: I have completed the “Run To Remember” twice now and have truly enjoyed them. I ran with friends and family and had incredible support from the community. Not to mention, It’s always inspiring to see all of our troops running in full uniform


6th Annual Bro Sixty Charity Class



Date: Friday, November 16th 

Time: 7:00p

Place: Burn 60 West Hollywood

Spots Available: 30

Recommended Donation: $30 to Burn 60 Movember Charity Team Page

Swag + Gifts: Each attendee receives a swag bag from our partners + Bro 60 limited edition tee


Six years ago, Nick Malizia led the first Bro Sixty workout in support of a community member that conquered prostate cancer. Since then, we've raised almost $15,000 to support the Movember Foundation! We're excited to continue this proud tradition on Friday, November 16th.

The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men's health on a global scale and addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. In only 13 years they've independently funded more than 1,200 men's health projects around the world. And by 2030 they'll reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. 

Nick, Liam, Kris & Andrew have graciously donated their time to put together an unprecedented 4-trainer, 60-minute, ass-kicking, charity workout event.

To sign up for the 6th Annual Bro 60 - Movember Charity Workout we ask that you make a minimum donation of $30 to our Burn 60 Movember team charity page. Once you have donated, we will reach out to you through email and add you to the class roster. There are 30 spots available. If you cannot attend the event, your donations are still very much appreciated. Help us reach our goal of raising $3,000 this year! 

Alright FAM! Let's BURN TOGETHER, take-action, grow a stache (if you can) and show the world the real power of the Burn 60 community. It's time for Bro 60 2018! 

2017 RECAP


The Painted Turtle Campership Appeal

HELP Send kids to camp at The Painted Turtle WHERE kids are not defined by their illness

Remember those amazing summers at camp? Think of all the friends you made during late-night, bunk bed chit chats. The confidence you gained from conquering the ropes course, learning new land and water sports. Experiencing the thrill of adventure on your first overnight canoe trip (can you taste the s'mores and smell the bonfire?). I was lucky enough to go to camp in Wisconsin for 8 weeks from age 7-14. Every experience, the good and bad, contributed to my character and helped me become the person I am today. (I still consider myself an expert at tying knots.) I think all kids should have an opportunity to go to camp. Don’t you?

From May 14-May 31, Burn 60 will be donating a percentage of all packages purchased to The Painted Turtle Camp. The Painted Turtle has served over 53,000 children and their families through its Summer and Family Weekend camps since it opened its gates in 2004.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help send (5) kids with life threatening illnesses to camp this summer. So…buy your package, feel great about give back, and help send a kid to camp!

Why are we doing this?

At Burn 60, we believe every kid should have the opportunity to go to camp, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Painted Turtle where children with serious medical conditions celebrate just being kids! The mission of The Painted Turtle is to provide a year-round, life-changing environment and authentic camp experience for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The Painted Turtle supports children’s medical needs, inspires them to reach beyond their illnesses, and provides care, education, and respite for their families.

I am proud to be a founding member of this remarkable organization and through innovative, camp-based programs we offer a great big dose of fun and support. Children with more than 73 medical conditions visit The Painted Turtle each year, reclaiming the joys of childhood. 

For over 14 years, we have given thousands of campers the chance to sing, dance, laugh and grow in a safe camp environment, built for their needs. Without the Painted Turtle, many of these children would never experience the wonderful memories and life-long impact of summer camp.

There is no billing department at The Painted Turtle — campers and their families attend free of charge. And there’s no limit to the amount of laughter campers take home with them either!

Last week I have the privilege of meeting Rhiannon Carter. She is 14 years old. She has severe arthritis. Yep, Arthritis! It is not just a disease that afflicts older people. Rhiannon's family learned that she had arthritis when she was 2 years old. When she is feeling good, you can hardly tell that she has a chronic, debilitating disease. Other days, she can barely move or is confined to her wheelchair. Please take a minute to read her story below.

Direct donations welcome: I want to help a camper go to The Painted Turtle this summer .

Thank you,

Janet Crown - CEO/Founder @ Burn 60 Studios

Check out The Painted Turtle:


A letter from Rhiannon:

Hi, my name is Rhiannon Carter and I am 14 years old.  When I was almost 2 years old, my big sister, Bridget, had her 4th birthday party. It was great. There was a piñata and cake and a jumpy castle in the back yard. I spent most of the day in the castle, jumping around and playing and having so much fun. However, the next day, my knees were very swollen, my dad said they looked like grapefruits. My mom & dad took me to the doctor who could not find anything wrong. They thought my grapefruit knees were from jumping so much and it would go away, but it didn’t. 

We went to doctor after doctor. We saw eight doctors in 4 months, no one knew what was wrong with me. Finally, my family doctor said we should try a pediatric rheumatologist. He recommended an awesome doctor who took one look at me and said “Yep. She has arthritis.” My parents didn’t know anything about kids getting arthritis, but they learned quickly. 

Since then, I’ve been on all kinds of pills and shots and joint injections and stuff like that. I’ve even taken Methotrexate, which is a form of chemotherapy. I take 49 pills a week. Some of them taste awful and make me really sick. When I was 5, I started taking shots too. I was scared about the shots but I got used to the needles. Some of the shots really, really hurt and I get bruises from them. I squeeze my mom’s hand really hard when my shots hurt and I’m afraid I

might break her fingers. I also spent 3 years getting infusions every month I didn’t like having an IV for hours at a time when I should have been at school.

I also have to go get my blood drawn often. I hate that part. When I was 8, I decided I was not going to cry during my blood draws anymore. It isn’t easy because sometimes they have to poke me several times to find a good vein and I have even fainted. But, I try to be strong. Sometimes I feel better and sometimes my joints hurt a lot and I can’t walk and I have to use my wheelchair.

It’s been really hard for my parents and my sister to see me hurting. I remember before I was diagnosed, I couldn’t walk and went back to crawling. My dad says that was one of the hardest parts for him. My mom says that the hardest part is for her to watch when I have to get really painful treatments. My sister says the hardest part is when she sees me at school, not playing at recess, or sitting on the bench during P.E.

For me, the worst part was I did not know any kids like me. When I was 7 years old, I asked my Mom and Dad if I could meet other kids with arthritis. I had never met any kids who understood my disease, so I felt kind of alone. My parents and sister are great and supportive, but I wanted to be able to talk to someone else about what it’s like to be a kid with arthritis. When I was 9, I went to The Painted Turtle for the first time. 




I got to meet so many kids who were just like me! I made so many new friends and I got to do lots of fun things. I went horseback riding and swimming and did arts and crafts and sang songs and all kinds of stuff! My cabin mates and I bonded so much and we are all still friends.

There were people there who took care of me and made sure I had my medicines and everything like that. I felt safe and my parents didn’t have to worry about my arthritis at all since there was 24-hour nurse care at the camp. They knew I was in good hands. I can’t wait to come back. It was the best time ever! 

I still have to use a wheelchair sometimes.  I still have to get my blood drawn a lot and get shots each week and take lots of medicines.

But, I always think about how I get to go to The Painted Turtle. Some of my friends at school are jealous. Can you believe that? Jealous of me! Because I get to go to the best camp ever. In a way, I’m kind of lucky that I have arthritis. I have met some of the most amazing and strongest people in the whole wide world. 

After going to camp at The Painted Turtle, I believed that even with arthritis, I could do great things. 

Thank you so much for helping kids like me to believe they can do great things. 






Run to Remember 2018: Inspiration and Gratitude

You know that fabulous feeling when you look up at the clock, and there are only seven minutes left in class? You start running a little faster, a little taller and you’re filled with both relief and a great sense of accomplishment? You’re soaked in sweat, and the class flew by.  When you walked through the door at 6a, you weren’t so sure you could give it your all,  but you did it! I have to be honest; I haven't had many of those “after-burn” feelings in a while. I haven’t run a continuous mile or much beyond a 6.0 in over three years. I have been injured (not from running! I think it was cycling). I was tired of being "injured" and finally had a total hip replacement six months ago. After a two month recovery, I was able to start taking Burn classes 2-3 times a week with my new titanium hip.  You can often find me on treadmill 12 or 13 walking on an incline. I am the class modifier.  Thanks to consistently and moderately training at Burn, I had the endurance and the mind-set to finish my first 10k in 20 years. 

On Sunday, Burn 60 hosted the 3rd annual Run To Remember LA 10K and 1/2 Marathon. I wish you could have been there. The race was filled with emotion, meaning, gratitude, respect, and pride. We had over 5500 people running with a purpose. Over 2000 officers and first responders from across the country participated to honor those officers (friends and partners) who sacrificed their lives to protect ours. Think about that. These dedicated men and women hit the streets every day and put their lives on the line for us- total strangers. There was a beautiful memorial wall all along Grove Drive. 

Watt's Bears in front of the memorial wall

Watt's Bears in front of the memorial wall

I ran past two officers who were shot in the line of duty and saved by their bulletproof Safariland vest. They were wearing t-shirts with their “SAVE” number. (FYI-There were over 2000 “SAVES” nationwide in 2017.) 40 District Attorney’s ran on Team Christina - in memory of a daughter killed at the Route 91 concert in Vegas.  Families, kids, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, patriots, supporters, friends, military, mothers, fathers, foundations, and charities all ran for a reason. It was a race with a personal purpose. And so many stories. I was so proud to have our kids from Operation Progress, and The Watts Bears all running to honor the LAPD and their mentors who support and guide them all year. So many stories and they should all be told. 


Each mile brought on a different emotion.  


Mile 1: Slow and steady. Just breathe and keep a manageable pace. I ran with my friend Marika Foley (check out her ISTG themeanchick). It was her first 10k, and she was determined. Platoons of cadets and academy troops were running past us singing traditional call and response military songs.  Suddenly I had this “I can do anything attitude.” Parents and children were walking as a family. Kids in strollers and wagons, holding signs or wearing t-shirts remembering a lost loved one.  Then I saw a man in a wheelchair- Reality check. I picked up my pace. 

Mile 2: I ran past my wonderful husband. He had a different mid-life crisis. He decided to become a reserve police officer at LAPD and Hawthorne at the age of 50. He is now on patrol and working gangs in South Central 3-4 days a week. He was marching in full uniform (it was wool!) with over 60 Chiefs and Commanders carrying his flag. This visual was so powerful. I was so proud. 



Mile 3: I crossed the threshold of Paramount Studios only to be greeted by my family and officers from 100+ law enforcement agencies, and police cars with flashing lights flanked our running path while crowds cheered you on. You’re ½ way! Time for a huge adrenaline push. Then your heart sinks as you pass the posters filled with faces, names, and dates of every officer killed in 2017. It's hard to describe the conflict of emotions. I felt indebted, grateful, sad and inspired all at the same time.  My hips were on fire, but quitting was not an option. 

Mile 4: Now this is fun. Runners are heading home. Marika was running faster than me, so she went on ahead. People were lighter on their feet. You run under this huge American Flag on Melrose.  I am proud to be an American. I think I am going to finish this.  

Mile 5.5: You can see the final turn down the road, and it’s time to dig deep. How many times have you heard that expression? It resonated. I had no excuse. Crowds are cheering on the streets, and I realize that I’m sweating. My heart rate has been around 150 for over 30 minutes. I can work out again! 

Mile 6: Pure inspiration and adrenaline. I am smiling. I take out my headphones out because I want to hear the crowd. Soak it in. The DJ is awesome. I run faster. You witness a sea of people at the finish line and then I feel pure joy. I did it. I never thought I would run again,  needless to say, run a 10k. The funny part is, I felt like everyone who ran on Sunday was on my team. We were all in it together. (Remember Zac Effron and High School Musical? ) One purpose. One goal. Now that is my kind of community. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported Run to Remember on Sunday.  It is a cause near and dear to my heart. Thank you Team Burn- Kirsty, Danny, Brielle, Scott, Kris and Sam and Jose. It was such a special day - and you can never have too many of those. 

Finish-Line Slideshow


Burn To Remember 2018 Recap

We did it! Thank you to our clients, sponsors, staff, trainers, celebrities, family, friends and military - we raised over $20,000 benefiting local youth and community programs supported by our 1st Responders. These include the Sheriff's Youth Foundation, Operation Progress, Fire and Police: Cadets, Explorers and PAL Programs, LA City and County Fire Department Foundations and programs of the LA Police Department.
What a meaningful experience for Burn 60 to have the opportunity to honor and help support those that have given so much for us… the men and women who have protected us at home and abroad… sacrificed their lives to make ours safe and secure - our true American heroes.
A special thank you to our Military and First Responders. Your leadership and knowledge helped guide us through one of the toughest workouts we have ever experienced.

Come join the Burn 60 Team on April 8th at Run To Remember at The Grove. Sign up for the Burn 60 Run To Remember Team at

Burn 60 - 2017 Year In Review

Moving on…

As we Burn into 2018, we wanted to look back on some great highlights of 2017. Thanks to all of you, boutique fitness studios now make up over 20% of the fitness market. You have made working out the new “going out.”

We are fortunate to have you as part of the Burn family. You work so hard and it shows. Our new tag line should be “it’s not for everyone and it never gets easier.” But you keep coming back. In 2017, our fabulous trainers taught over 4100+ classes. And we had over 60,000+ client visits. Talk about your commitment to fitness!

Cheers to all of you. May 2018 bring you the health, happiness and fitness rewards you all deserve. Thank you for the bottom of our heart…...rate monitors.


Love, Sweat + Cheers,

Founder, Janet Crown + Burn 60 Team

Burn For Good - 2017 Year In Review

Burn For Good Recap Banner.jpg

To celebrate Burn For Good, we wanted to share our year in review. We are proud of the $40,000+ raised for charity, and it was all because of you.

First, there was the Run To Remember to help fallen first responders. They gave their lives to protect us, a commitment we should never ponder.

In February we shared heart healthy tips. They educated us to take better care of our tickers, and encouraged us to stay away from chips!

We partnered with WE Charity and empowered our youth to give back.  Then we raised funds for Operation Progress so kids could get an education and stay on track.

As we ran into spring, helping children was still our thing. We provided camperships at The Painted Turtle for children who are chronically ill, and we brought the Magic of Movies to kids in hospital, which is anything but a thrill. 

As summer approached, we were still spreading our wings, we supported Alzheimer’sThe Watts BearsA Place Called Home and LGBT among other things. 

We Kicked Cancer in the fall, from our Breasts to our Balls. And rounded out the year donating toys and holiday cheer for all.

Thanks for your dedication to your mind, body and heart. No one said it was easy, but we are so proud that you always finish what you start. 

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night. We love Burn For Good, because together we can do our part to help make things right.

Bro 60 2017 Recap


Bro 60 2017 was a HUGE SUCCESS!

We sweat, laughed, had a few cold ones and raised $2,000 for the Movember Foundation! Once again, you've proven beyond a doubt that when TEAM BURN comes together, nothing is impossible. 

We want to thank everyone that donated and worked out with us last week. As well as our amazing brand partners that made Bro Sixty possible:  Catered FitHarmless HarvestKona Deep WaterPurlisseRedd BarStretchProIcelandic Glacial WaterdetoxwaterUPTIME Energy drinksgimME organic seaweed snacksTYKU sakeGrass Fed Coffee and Outdoor Voices.

And last but not least, thank you to Kris, Andrew, Liam, Nick and client Kevin K. for spearheading Bro Sixty for the 5th straight year, and educating us on some of the biggest health issues faced by men.

Be on the lookout for the Recap Video this upcoming week! We're already counting down the days till the next Bro Sixty! 

2017 recap slide show



5th Annual Bro Sixty Charity Class



Date: Thursday, November 16th 

Time: 7:00p

Place: Burn 60 West Hollywood

Spots Available: 26

Recommended Donation: $25 + to Burn 60 Movember Charity Team Pag e

Swag + Gifts: Each attendee receives a swag bag from our partners + Bro 60 limited edition tee


5 years ago, the Bro 60 workout began as a little idea inside trainer Nick Malizia's head. Since then, it's turned into an annual event that's raised almost $8,000 to support the Movember Foundation. We're excited to continue this proud tradition with the 5th Annual Bro 60 - Movember Charity Workout on November 16th @ 7:00 in West Hollywood.

The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men's health on a global scale and addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. In only 13 years they've independently funded more than 1,200 men's health projects around the world. And by 2030 they'll reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. 

Nick, Liam, Kris & Andrew have graciously donated their time to put together an unprecedented 4-trainer, 60-minute, ass-kicking, charity workout event. Catered Fit, Harmless Harvest, Kona Deep Water, Purlisse, Redd Bar, StretchPro, Icelandic Glacial Water, detoxwater, UPTIME Energy drinks, gimME organic seaweed snacks, TYKU sake, Grass Fed Coffee and Outdoor Voices have also joined the team and donated some amazing gifts for attendees. 

To sign up for the 5th Annual Bro 60 - Movember Charity Workout we ask that you make a minimum donation of $20 to our Burn 60 Movember team charity page. Once you have donated, we will reach out to you through email and add you to the class roster. There are 26 spots available. If you cannot attend the event, your donations are still very much appreciated. Help us reach our goal of raising $2,000 this year! 

Alright FAM! Let's BURN TOGETHER, take-action, grow a stashe (if you can) and show the world the real power of the Burn 60 community. It's time for Bro 60 2017! 

2016 RECAP


A Letter From Julie (Kickin' Cancer - Narrative)

letter from julie Blog Banner.jpg

Julie shared some inspiring words, a letter on her life-story and the ways in which cancer has affected her life. Read the story below, and get involved by signing up for Kickin' Cancer via team Burn!



Seriously --- I lost both my parents to cancer at an early age. My Mom had ovarian cancer and my Dad had throat cancer. And watching the ones you love suffer and deteriorate is heart wrenching.

Prior to them getting ill, I had a booming career in fashion but had to step away to care for my sick parents. In that time I reevaluated my life and career and decided I wanted to focus on health and wellness --- for myself and others. I had a new calling from fashion to a career in fitness. I became passionate about learning everything I could about fitness, nutrition and how to fight disease.

I myself went through all the 28 gene testing to better understand if I'm at risk --- luckily I am not but I still engage in fueling my body on every level to be sure I stay my healthiest self. Because genes aren’t the only way cancer can creep up --- lifestyle is also a big factor.

I discovered that there is substantial evidence that higher levels of physical activity are linked to lower risks of several cancers --- go workout!

In addition, there are many foods that help lower the risk of cancer --- leafy, green vegetables are one --- eat healthy!

Lastly, lowering stress levels and having a positive mindset is crucial to our physical health as well as our mental health --- find happiness!

For the last 6 years I have been the fitness ambassador to THE LYNNE COHEN FOUNDATION and I kick off their 5K race in Brentwood on Oct. 1st at 9AM. It’s a great nonprofit that is committed to raising awareness and contributing life-saving knowledge to our community.

It’s been well over 20 years and I miss my parents everyday --- my hope is to help as many as possible live a healthy, happy, and cancer free life.

Thank you for letting me share my story and if I can ever answer any questions regarding health and wellness it would be my pleasure. If I can ever answer any questions regarding health and wellness, please contact me at


- Julie



Blog Banner Kickin Cancer.jpg

Do you have the need for speed? And want to get involved with a great cause?

Join TEAM BURN and your favorite trainers at The 16th Annual Kickin' Cancer! 5K Run/Walk/Stroll on Sunday October 1st at 9:00a in Brentwood to help fuel the movement to end breast and ovarian cancer.

We're doing it BIG THIS YEAR. Julie Diamond will be leading the race warm-up on the main stage. A whole squad of trainers and staffers are running. And we'll be posted at the Burn 60 tent snappin' selfies in our photo booth all morning. You better come hang!

Kickin' Cancer 17 is an event you won't want to miss. Register for the race at under TEAM BURN 60 for $40. All proceeds go directly to the Lynne Cohen Foundation. 

Kickin Cancer Sign Up.JPG

When you sign up for TEAM BURN, we're hooking you up with a limited edition "Burn 60 Racing" tee (Oh man are we going to look good). And 1 free class for a friend, because who wants to train for a 5K alone?


In true Burn 60 style, we're kickin' things up a notch at KC. The fastest 5K time wins 5 FREE CLASSES. Better start working on your Milestones. 

To learn more about the event and the amazing work the the Lynne Cohen foundation is doing, read our sit down interview with Julie Diamond...

4Ward Progress Youth Foundation Leadership Camp RECAP

This past Monday, Burn 60 trainers Andrew S, Ricardo V and Jenia teamed up with the 4WRD progress Youth Leadership camp and Operation Progress in Watts during this month's Burn For Good cause.

About Operation Progress

The Mission of Operation Progress is to empower underserved youth to become educated, ethical and productive people who will in turn contribute to society at large. To do this, we support students from elementary through college with our comprehensive program called the Five Pillars of Success.