gobbling without guilt | a thanksgiving menu that's happy + healthy

The holidays are here! Time to say goodbye, diet and HELLO, pumpkin pie! Right? Right?!


In addition to being a time of, well, thanks, Thanksgiving is widely accepted as the one day a year when you can eat yourself sick without a trace of guilt. This seems great until you realize that it’s going to take you the next week and a half to undo the 24 hours worth of damage that you’ve done to your body (assuming you can steer clear of leftovers, but seriously, who does that?). In actuality, this seemingly inconsequential day of feasting usually turns in to a week long binge-fest on butter, baked goods, fatty side-dishes and honey glazed ham. Admit it, you know it’s true. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Don’t set yourself up for failure this Thanksgiving by sticking with the same old gravy boat of recipes. Instead, take a look at the delicious, healthful options below and try incorporating as many as you can into this year’s menu . We promise your tastebuds will not be disappointed and you will feel much better about going in for seconds (and thirds).


wild rice + butternut squash salad, via Heartbeet Kitchen


pumpkin + sage risotto, via One Ingredient Chef



paleo dinner rolls, via Our Paleo Life


garlic mashed cauliflower, via undressed skeleton tumblr

white + green beans, via Meet The Shannons

roasted carrots with sweet tahini drizzle, via Nutrition Stripped 

roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, via diethood


herb-roasted turkey breast, via Ina Garten

stuffed acorn squash, via Love & Lemons



vegan pecan pie, via Tablespoon


protein pumpkin pie, via delicious by dre