3 reasons NOT to skip your workout during the holidays

The holiday season is a time filled with family, parties, traveling, and more often than not - the occasional stressful moment. However, nothing during the holidays should be a reason to eliminate your workouts! Although some people use the holidays as an excuse to forgo exercise, there are 3 main reason why this is the most important time of year to stay active.

1. Workout to Stay Calm Use your training to escape all the madness of the holiday season. By taking time to step away from the shopping, cooking, wrapping, socializing, pictures and parties, you will gain energy and feel more grounded during all of this season's craziness.

2. Workout to Stay on Track There are many indulgent foods and drinks readily available during the holiday season. Do not let your hard work during the year go to waste by eating and drinking in excess. Moderation is key during holiday meals and sticking to your workouts will give you a little extra wiggle room. Go ahead, eat the cookie, but don't forget to set your alarm for that morning run!

3. Workout to Mix it Up With your normal routine inevitably thrown out the window during the holidays, your normal workouts are usually not far behind. This doesn't mean you should eliminate them altogether! Do not be afraid to try a new running route, workout class, or fun family activity. This season is a great opportunity to mix it up and take advantage of unfamiliar territory.*

*Schedule your workouts in advance, so you are sure to make time for them during the day! Remember, it is YOUR holiday too! Burn 60 Class Schedule