5 BURNing questions with nick malizia

Nick Malizia is without question one of the most energetic and exciting trainers at Burn 60.  A native to Philadelphia,  Nick has always excelled in athletics and had a natural affinity towards fitness.  Upon realizing his dream to make health and wellness a career, he moved to California and has been pursuing his passion beneath the SoCal sunshine ever since.  We recently sat down with Nick to learn more about what motivates him - here's what he had to say:

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you?

Nick Malizia:  Numerous hiking trails all over LA, the beach on warm summer days, shopping in Venice or Sunday drives through the canyons.

B:  What is your favorite treat?

NM:  I've been on the hunt for the best burger in LA - I've yet to call one my favorite.

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

NM:  You'll usually find me day in day out in a pair of Nike air max sneakers, lulu lemon shorts and a Nike top (I'm a bit obsessive with my workout gear).  It's the most comfortable combo to workout in and go throughout my day in.  Also, I'm always switching up my workout routines but recently I've been training in crossfit which is a great combination of strength, endurance and speed.

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

NM:  Change only comes with hard work, time and dedication. You can't expect results right away.  Stick with your workout routine, eat right and the results always come. Once these routines become habitual it's that much easier to stay in them. Hard work always pays off!!!

B:  What are you most passionate about?

NM:  I'm most passionate about focusing and following through with all my life goals -whether it be daily, monthly, annually, personal or career based. When I reach these goals I become stronger mentally, spiritually or physically allowing me to be the best person I can for myself and others.

To learn more about Nick, sign up for a class (his candlelit Full Body Burn on Monday and Wednesday evenings is already a fan favorite).