drop sets: a beneficial strength training technique

Drop Set is a training technique I like to use in class from time to time because it is a great way to "shock" the muscles by challenging & working them more intensely. Drop sets are used by continuing an exercise with a lower weight once muscle failure has been achieved @ a higher weight --- i.e. pick a weight you would normally lift for 10-12 reps ... once you reach 10-12 reps immediately grab a lighter weight & do another 10-12 reps & repeat this process one more time. There are many variations which encompass the same basic concept of reducing the weight used like wide drop sets & tight drop sets with the primary focus always the same --- to shock the muscles by adding stress. When done properly Drop sets can be challenging both anaerobically and aerobically!

Benefits: * allows you to use more muscle fibers during an exercise which increases intensity & challenges muscles to work harder than usual

Drawbacks: * It is imperative to keep proper form - therefore if you reach fatigue before your reps are completed than you must still reduce the weight

By: Julie Diamond