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michelle lovitt twitter
michelle lovitt twitter

Burn 60 Trainer Michelle Lovitt recently shared some of her best fitness tips with Giuliana Rancic's popular lifestyle site Fab Fit Fun. Here, we recap her 4 brilliant suggestions:

Plan Ahead To Set yYourself Up For Success

Schedule workout classes with friends in advance and prep meals at the beginning of your week, so you develop a solid routine. Pack key essentials in your gym bag the day before you exercise—including workout gear, a towel, and a tasty, post-workout drink like CalNaturale Svelte, which is packaged in a re-closable Tetra Pak container that makes it easy and convenient to grab while on-the-go. This will help keep you on track and more likely to make it to the gym.

Your Target Heart Rate Is Not Just A Number

Aim to get your heart pumping to at least 65-85 percent of your maximum Heart Rate (HR) for 20 minutes per day. There are a number of indoor workouts—circuit training, workout DVDs, hot yoga—for those who don’t want to venture out in the cold. To save money on gym memberships, get your room toasty warm and throw on a yoga DVD at home. Incorporating a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, like ice skating, walking or running, will provide spontaneity to keep your body guessing and ultimately yield results much faster.

Snack smart. Snack healthy

Because everyone slips from their diet routine every now and then, be sure to stock a variety of healthy snacks so they are readily available and will help keep you full for longer. Great choices include hummus and veggies, protein-rich Tandoori chicken, hard-boiled eggs, or gluten-free tortillas with almond butter. Timing is also important—you will see the most benefit if you enjoy a snack or meal within 30-60 minutes post-workout.

fab fit fun logo
fab fit fun logo

train like a celebrity: an asics event at BURN 60

The recent Train Like a Celebrity event held at our Brentwood studio was part of a special weekend hosted by Asics for fitness editors.  The editors were given the opportunity to work out with a number of LA's top celebrity trainers, including Burn's very own Michelle Lovitt.

Michelle, an avid runner who has worked with such notable clients as Courtney Cox and Lauren Graham, prefers to mix cardio and strength training to produce maximum results (We know a little bit about that, don't we!).  Join her at Burn 60 every Monday morning at 9:30am and train like a celebrity too!