5 BURNing questions with anna renderer

Simply stated, trainer Anna Renderer does it all.  In addition to working with Burn 60, Anna is also the Health and Fitness Host for FitSugarTV at Popsugar Fitness, a working fitness actress, and CEO of her own company. We know what you're thinking, how does she manage?! Well, that's a secret we'll likely never know.  We're still trying to figure out how she found the time to sit down for this interview...

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you?

Anna Renderer:  Coral Tree Cafe, The Miss Fit Restaurant in Santa Monica, Sugarfish Sushi, Santa Monica Steps, Runyon Canyon, and Venice Beach.

B:  What is your favorite splurge?

AR:    Sushi, red wine, and macaroons!!

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

AR:  Lots! Trail running, swimming, the Garmin (fitness watch), Body Language apparel, and Fitblock - a new fitness app for people to get workouts - it's the iTunes of fitness!

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

AR:  When strength training outside or in the gym, it's best to begin your workout with 2-3 good core exercises to work your stabilizing muscles first and then add bigger more complex movements after that.

B:  What are you most passionate about?

AR:  My own kids fitness company called KFIT Health.  We have a great website that I would love for people to visit and join our newsletter and updated fitness education for kids! We are on a mission to end the epidemic of childhood obesity by providing fitness programs for parents, teachers, and coaches to use at home, in the classroom, or after-school programs. We are making fitness fun and functional for kids to learn the basic fundamental skills necessary to grow and live an active lifestyle. When kids learn to move and use their body at a young age, they grow confidence in their abilities to be active, they feel better, they practice healthier habits, and that carries on for a lifetime. So that is my passion along with helping the rest of our nation become a healthier population and learn more about what it means to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about Anna, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram via @annarenderer, or visit her website, www.annarenderer.com.  You can also catch her at the Burn 60 Fitness studio in Brentwood every Wednesday at 10:45AM and Thursday at 5:45AM.