BURNing Questions: Christina Malizia

Here at Burn 60 we absolutely ADORE trainer Christina Malizia.  Were it not for her hard work, high energy, and long-time commitment to the studio, Burn would not be what it is today. We recently sat down with Christina and her growing baby belly for the latest edition of Burning Questions.

Burn 60: Where is someone likely to run into you?

Christina Malizia: Palisades Park, walking the bluff with the baby.

B: What is your favorite treat?

CM: Currently I crave apple pie from Votre Sante.  Also, at Juice Crafters there's a drink called Venice Cove I LOVE.

B: Do you have a current fitness obsession?

CM: My new go-to workout pant is by Elisabetta Rogiani.  They fit so well and are comfy with my growing baby belly.

B: What is your best fitness tip?

CM: If it’s not fun, don't do it.  Working out should be enjoyable.  If your head isn't having fun your body isn't going to respond.