5 reasons to make water your new bff


Summer has come and gone, but in California it seems that the sun’s scorching rays are here to stay. By now the daily application of sunscreen has become ritual (Apply. Reapply. Apply again. Wash. Reapply….), yet one of the most important combatants against these above average temperatures is often underused. Water is easily your best weapon when it comes to hot weather and, while this may seem like a no brainer, nearly half of all American’s don’t drink enough. This is a big problem when you consider that water does so much more than keep you cool.

5 Reasons to Make Water Your New Best Friend

1. Headache Prevention – In addition to decreased concentration, alertness, and short-term memory retention, dehydration is the leading cause of your pounding head, so put down the Ibuprofen and pick up the H2O.

2. Glowing Skin – Water is the key to a beautiful complexion. It moisturizes the skin, helps to maintain elasticity and suppleness, prevents dryness and encourages cellular formation.

3. Regularity – Yes, you know exactly what we mean. Water keeps everything flowing smoothly. Be honest, no one’s happy when they’re constipated.

4. Weight Control – One of the largest contributors to obesity is empty liquid calories. Water is calorie FREE and, when consumed before and alongside ones meals, it dramatically suppresses appetite and reduces calorie intake.

5. Energy! – Believe it or not, you actually DON’T need that coffee in the morning. Water is every bit as effective, if not more effective, than caffeine when it comes to feigning off fatigue. This is because each and every part of our body requires water to function. If you stay hydrated, your body will naturally perform at it’s peak.