free the nipple (after your workout)

We're with you ladies. Being a woman is hard. Bras are itchy, uncomfortable, and restrictive. And seriously, a little bit of nip isn't going to hurt anyone. Unless of course you are mid-sprint on the treadmill... or jumping up and down as your trainer rattles off the number of burpees you have completed over the last 90 seconds... or kicking your legs up in the air trying to find balance in a new arm stand. Let's face it, as much as we'd love to let our inner hippie shine 24/7, there are moments in which bras are a necessary evil - namely, when working out. Fortunately, you can trust us when we say they aren't ALL bad (we promise!). Here are five sports bras that you (and your girls) are sure to love!

Free The Nipple (After Your Workout)

Free The Nipple (After Your Workout)


sports bras

1.  Power Y Tank *Luon

- A lightweight tank designed for low impact workouts and unrestricted movement in mind... Lululemon, $52

2.  Chill Bra -

This low impact bra designed for gym, yoga, spin and street. - so you can look good working out AND grabbing lunch afterwards.... Chill By Will, $42

3.  Free to Be Bra -

A moisture-wicking, low impact bra perfect for extra hot workouts... Lululemon, $42

4.  Tone It Tank -

Your go-to top for whatever you're getting yourself into, this fitted, multifunctional tank with built in bra is designed to withstand whatever your trainer throws at you... Lululemon, $58

5. Renegade Bra -

Strong is SEXY! Show off your hard work while sculpting new muscles in this sleek, supportive, yet barely there design... Chill By Will, $48

travel with a BURN 60 workout

Do you miss getting that Burn 60 Workout when your on the road for business or taking a vacation; but don't necessarily want a vacation from fitness? Burn 60 has just the thing for you! Check out this simplified Burn 60 style workout that you can do at any hotel or on any outdoor run! We hope to see you in the studio soon, but when your not with us, we'll be with you!

60 Minutes of Strength and Cardio to maximize your caloric BURN!

10 minutes Cardio (Treadmill): Burst Intervals

1 minute warm up -comfortable pace i.e. 5.0mph

2 minutes easy tempo - .5-1mph above warm up i.e. 5.5 or 6.0mph

30 second burst speed – fast tempo about 2-3mph above easy tempo i.e. 7.5 or 8.5mph

90 seconds easy tempo

30 seconds burst speed

60 seconds easy tempo

30 seconds burst speed

30 seconds easy tempo

30 seconds burst speed

1 minute cool down

The goal is to shorten your recovery time in between your high interval speeds. This builds endurance for your body, especially when training for faster road races such as 5 and 10K’s.

10 minutes of Strength (Floor): Circuit Training

Plank and Side Step (10 each leg)

Squat Jumps (20 reps)

Bench Dips (15 reps)

Burpees (10 reps)

Bicycle Crunches (30 reps)

Repeat x 2

The goal is to strengthen the full body by performing exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups and keep the heart rate elevated.

10 minutes of Cardio (Treadmill): Repeat Burst Intervals

10 minutes of Strength (Floor): Repeat Circuit Training

10 minutes of Cardio (Treadmill): Repeat Burst Intervals

10 minutes of Strength (Floor): Repeat Circuit Training


Health and Happiness,

The Burn 60 Team