emotional eating + fitness: helpful advice from anna renderer

I have an emotional relationship with both my food and my exercise! There's just no way around it! We all have emotional changes, some good days or bad days depending on life, love, job, family, or whatever.  Since I eat everyday and do some form of activity everyday to stay fit, ultimately my emotions will effect my eating and fitness. Luckily my relationship is healthy with food and exercise.

How is your relationship?

EATING and EXERCISING when upset, happy, stressed, nervous, anxious, tired, bored, etc will change your behavior.  Think about your behavior during these emotions and how that carries over into your diet and exercise.

If emotion is taking over your healthy diet and consistent exercise then take a few steps to get better. I would recommend trying the following:

1. Make note of what you are eating during each emotion. Sounds funny but try it! May take a while depending on how moody you are. Hahaha!

2. Write down a healthier alternative food or meal to replace some of the bad choices you make during a time of weakness. I eat ice cream when I'm tired and just want to be a slug, so i'm going to replace it with a yogurt parfait (yogurt, honey, and strawberries).

3. Take 5 deep breaths and relax before each meal! It improves your digestion which is the ultimate goal.

4. Commit to exercising especially on days that you feel depressed, stressed, or sluggish! These are the days where exercise is most needed. You release endorphins and seritonin which improve mood and  you will less likely binge eat all the junk food you crave during stressful days.

Remember that your mood can sometimes take over your good judgement and healthy behavior. Fight it with all you can and don't let your MOOD limit your fitness goals!

Health and Happiness,

Anna Renderer, MS

Fitness Director, Burn 60