finding your motivation

"I believe the biggest challenge when it comes to staying fit is motivation. Just getting to the gym is some times the hardest part of the entire experience." -Trainer David Petruzzi

It's 5AM and your alarm is blaring.  You were up extra late last night trying to put the finishing touches on that project you've been working on for months and right now you're exhausted.  Your body is aching from stress and you want nothing more than to hit the snooze button and cuddle-up to a few more minutes of rest.  Honestly, who could blame you? No one.

There are a million and one valid reasons for you to crawl back under the covers.  For starters, sleep itself plays a major role keeping fit.  In a moment such as this, it actually would benefit you to soak up some extra z's.  However, exercise and sleep go hand in hand and as such, they are of equal importance.

The key to sticking to your workout is finding your motivation.  Trainer David Petruzzi suggests setting daily goals for each of your workouts to keep you feeling inspired.  Rather than repeating the same routine every day, aim to add something new to every workout. "Whether that's lifting a certain weight, hitting that 3-mile marker on the treadmill or just getting to the gym," says David, "having a specific goal to meet will give you focus and drive."

On days when even that isn't enough, try motivating yourself with something completely unrelated to exercise.  Promise yourself that if you log that run or clock in at that 6AM  Full Body Burn you will reward yourself with a mani-pedi, a new pair of yoga pants, or simply an uber luxurious bubble bath later that evening.  When it comes to maintaining your health, bribery is more than okay!

David teaches at Burn 60 Studio in Brentwood on Tuesdays and Thursday's at 10:45am