5 BURNing questions with david petruzzi

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Burn 60's resident actor David Petruzzi teaches from a place of true compassion. Having been overweight as a child, David understands the strength it takes to completely transform oneself (HINT: it starts with your mind, NOT your body). He brings his experience into each of his training sessions and, leading by example, gives clients the motivation necessary to reach their full potential.  With his one year anniversary at Burn 60 just around the corner, David sat down to give us a peek at what else lies behind that great smile.

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you? 

David Petruzzi:  I 'm always on the go so it's hard to say, most likely a coffee shop or movie theater.

B:  What is your favorite treat?

DP:  I love iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession (gear, trend, workout)?

DP:  I'm currently obsessed with hot yoga, it's an amazing way to center yourself, stretch your muscles and sweat too!

B:  What is your best fitness tip? 

DP:  Patience. To never lose site of your goals. Some days are harder then others, you just have to remind yourself why you wanted to get healthy. It's all mental.

B:  What are you most passionate about?

DP:  I'm a hippie at heart. I love to inspire people. To help push them to grow and connect with their inner self. And in return it helps me grow.