Everything You Need to Know About BOOTY BURN

So you want to learn more about the bootylicious, rump shaking BOOTY BURN workout? Well you have come to the right place. 

What is Booty Burn?

Booty Burn is a total body, sliding workout created by celebrity trainer Rebecca Kordecki (AKA the Booty Guru). She designed this high intensity workout with one goal in mind. To lift, firm and shape your booty using specially designed booties, hand sliders and "booty bands.”

What to Expect:

During the 45-minute Booty Burn class, Rebecca Kordecki herself will lead you and 15 other "Booty Burner's" through a sliding, zero impact workout inspired by the principles of Yoga, Pilates, Slide and Barefoot Training. Prepare yourself for a heart pumping, cardiovascular workout without ever stepping foot on a treadmill. She promises you will feel muscles you never knew you had and will walk out of class feeling lifted from head to toe. Watch the video below for a sneak peak of the workout!

Who is Rebecca Kordecki?

Burn 60 trainer Rebecca Kordecki has enjoyed a robust 18-year career as a personal trainer, fitness expert and fitness model. She has excelled in the gym and in competition, training some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities and is a Ms. Galaxy finalist. Her patented Booty Slide workout has been featured on Extra and the Today Show.

How do I sign up?

The Booty Burn class is a one-time event on Saturday, April 30th at 12:30pm at our West Hollywood Studio. There are only 16 spots available so don't wait, sign up here to Burn your Booty!