The Top 5 Tastiest (+ Health Conscious!) Restaurants In LA

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? In light of this news, we decided to scour the streets of LA in search of menus that were equal parts flavor and nutrients. These are five of our favorite finds.

   spice cake w/ vanilla buttercream


spice cake w/ vanilla buttercream

1. Food | 10571 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

This healthy, eclectic cafe serves delicious eats all day long, but is busiest during breakfast and brunch. Their signature salads, house-made sweets and distinctive daily specials showcase seasonal farmer's market offerings that have West LA locals singing their praises and the rest of us rushing to wait in line.

Pro Tip: Their Ricotta Pancakes and Challah French Toast are fan favorites.


   pollo saltado w/ fingerling potatoes, guajillo peppers, rainbow carrots + chimichurri 


pollo saltado w/ fingerling potatoes, guajillo peppers, rainbow carrots + chimichurri 

2. Forage | 3823 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

This family owned Silverlake gem is ran by the people and for the people. Using ingredients provided by local farmer's they are fortunate enough to call friends, the owners of Forage have built a menu around making conscious food choices you can feel good about eating.

Pro Tip: Pork Belly. Pork Belly. PORK BELLY.


   roasted half cornish game hen


roasted half cornish game hen

3. Akasha | 9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Located in the historic Hull Building in downtown Culver City, Akasha's theme of sustainability is reflected in everything from its recently restored architecture to its locally sourced ingredients. The inviting atmosphere and seasonal, American fare is best enjoyed at dinner when you can treat yourself to a fresh juice cocktail (made with premium organic spirits) and end your evening with a tempting Bourbon Sundae or Maple Creme Brulee.

Pro Tip:  This is a perfect venue for large parties with a penchant for eating well.


   fish + chips (made with jackfruit)


fish + chips (made with jackfruit)

4. Sage | 4130 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 

Consider Sage the biggest victory in vegan cuisine since, well, ever. Nestled in the heart of Echo Park, this cruelty free eatery is frequented by herbivores, omnivores and carnivores alike - and for good reason! Their meat free menu is LOADED with options that will tame your tummy, satisfy your soul and please even the pickiest of palettes.

Pro Tip: The Buffalo Cauliflower is so delish you'll be coming back for more the next time you're craving beer and wings.


   gluten-free pancakes with mixed berries


gluten-free pancakes with mixed berries

5. Cafe Vida | 15317 Antioch Street, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

With menu items ranging from "Wholesome Salads" to "Nutritious California Bowls", the charming Cafe Vida is a bit of a shoe in for this list. No need to take our word for it though; just one bite of their latin inspired, California dishes and we guarantee you'll be convinced.

Pro Tip: Go for brunch. Order ANYTHING.

5 reasons to make water your new bff


Summer has come and gone, but in California it seems that the sun’s scorching rays are here to stay. By now the daily application of sunscreen has become ritual (Apply. Reapply. Apply again. Wash. Reapply….), yet one of the most important combatants against these above average temperatures is often underused. Water is easily your best weapon when it comes to hot weather and, while this may seem like a no brainer, nearly half of all American’s don’t drink enough. This is a big problem when you consider that water does so much more than keep you cool.

5 Reasons to Make Water Your New Best Friend

1. Headache Prevention – In addition to decreased concentration, alertness, and short-term memory retention, dehydration is the leading cause of your pounding head, so put down the Ibuprofen and pick up the H2O.

2. Glowing Skin – Water is the key to a beautiful complexion. It moisturizes the skin, helps to maintain elasticity and suppleness, prevents dryness and encourages cellular formation.

3. Regularity – Yes, you know exactly what we mean. Water keeps everything flowing smoothly. Be honest, no one’s happy when they’re constipated.

4. Weight Control – One of the largest contributors to obesity is empty liquid calories. Water is calorie FREE and, when consumed before and alongside ones meals, it dramatically suppresses appetite and reduces calorie intake.

5. Energy! – Believe it or not, you actually DON’T need that coffee in the morning. Water is every bit as effective, if not more effective, than caffeine when it comes to feigning off fatigue. This is because each and every part of our body requires water to function. If you stay hydrated, your body will naturally perform at it’s peak.

BURNing questions: david petruzzi


Originally from Connecticut, trainer David Petruzzi has been working in the LA fitness scene for over 8 years.

In addition to being a passionate advocate of healthy lifestyle choices for himself and his clients, David is also an accomplished actor an avid yogi. 

Burn 60: What is your favorite part of working in the fitness industry?

David Petruzzi: I love teaching people how to push past their mental and physical boundaries so they can reach their full potential

What Makes You BURN 

B60 - What is a goal you hope to achieve this year?

DP - To be honest and truthful to myself and those around me.

B60 - If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

DP - The Italian coast or the French Rivera

B60- Who is your biggest inspiration?

DP - Visionaries, thinkers and inventors like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk!

steve jobs
steve jobs

Feeling The BURN At Home 

B60 - How and where do you prefer to work up a sweat?

DP - I love me some Yoga! Hot 8 Yoga is one of my favorite places. Also any place that has a treadmill. I love to run as well.

B60: Where are your “trouble zones” and how do you tone them?

DP - I struggled with my weight while growing up, so my “trouble zone” has always been food. Having a healthy and balanced diet, paired with a solid workout regiment has helped me tone my entire body.

B60 - What is the piece of workout clothing you cannot live without?

DP - I sweat like a mad man so moisture wicking clothing is a must!

B60 - What fitness myth makes you cringe?

DP - The myth that if you exercise that can eat whatever you want.

A Day In The Life 


B60 - Describe your perfect day!

DP - I much prefer the imperfect days, they are far more interesting and exciting. However, a near perfect day for me is being surrounded by the people I love.

B60 - If you could live off of only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DP - Only one food?! I’d most likely die, I need variety.

B60 -  Where is your favorite place to “escape” in Los Angeles?

DP - The beach. The waves, rays and California breeze. You cant beat it.

David teaches Full Body Burn every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:45 a.m. at our Brentwood studio.

free the nipple (after your workout)

We're with you ladies. Being a woman is hard. Bras are itchy, uncomfortable, and restrictive. And seriously, a little bit of nip isn't going to hurt anyone. Unless of course you are mid-sprint on the treadmill... or jumping up and down as your trainer rattles off the number of burpees you have completed over the last 90 seconds... or kicking your legs up in the air trying to find balance in a new arm stand. Let's face it, as much as we'd love to let our inner hippie shine 24/7, there are moments in which bras are a necessary evil - namely, when working out. Fortunately, you can trust us when we say they aren't ALL bad (we promise!). Here are five sports bras that you (and your girls) are sure to love!

Free The Nipple (After Your Workout)

Free The Nipple (After Your Workout)


sports bras

1.  Power Y Tank *Luon

- A lightweight tank designed for low impact workouts and unrestricted movement in mind... Lululemon, $52

2.  Chill Bra -

This low impact bra designed for gym, yoga, spin and street. - so you can look good working out AND grabbing lunch afterwards.... Chill By Will, $42

3.  Free to Be Bra -

A moisture-wicking, low impact bra perfect for extra hot workouts... Lululemon, $42

4.  Tone It Tank -

Your go-to top for whatever you're getting yourself into, this fitted, multifunctional tank with built in bra is designed to withstand whatever your trainer throws at you... Lululemon, $58

5. Renegade Bra -

Strong is SEXY! Show off your hard work while sculpting new muscles in this sleek, supportive, yet barely there design... Chill By Will, $48

babes, babies + baby buggies


Here at Burn 60 we are big advocates of making the most of a beautiful day and taking your workout outdoors whenever the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately,for those with little ones this can be easier said than done. Toting your tot around while hiking up unsteady terrain or maneuvering your stroller over uneven sidewalks and around wayward trash cans isn't always easy. This is why we were thrilled to hop on board when the amazing team over at Red Tricycle LA asked us to help test the Buffalo - a brand new all-terrain stroller from Bugaboo.

bugaboo buffalo
bugaboo buffalo

Determined to see if this buggy was really worth all the fuss, Burn 60 Trainer Charlotte Mooney lead a lively group of moms and their toddlers on a gorgeous hike through the hills near Mandiville Canyon in Los Angeles, CA.


It was QUITE a workout beneath the blazing California sun, but the kids and their carts withstood the challenge and in the end the view from the top was well worth the efforts of these super moms!


Take a look at their awesome ride here!

better than chocolate valentine's day gift guide

Still stumped on what to get your Valentine for Love's big day? Don't be stupid Cupid! Our Vday Gift Guide is full of delicious treats that will make their heart happy and encourage them to keep it healthy too!

V Day Gift Guide

V Day Gift Guide

1. CLAUDETTE Dessous Mesh Bra + Bikini Set

2. NIKE Tailwind Short-Sleeve V-Neck Men's Running Shirt

3. BEATS BY DRE Beats Solo Headphones

4. CHILL BY WILL Love Crop

5. UNDER ARMOUR Men's The Original 6' Printed Boxerjox Boxer Briefs

6. CHLOE Roses de Chloé

Also, don't forget about our Valentine's Day Special!


member of the month: rebecca mall

rebecca mall
rebecca mall

Just last week we sat down with Rebecca Mall, our February member of the month, to ask her a few BURNing questions about her reasons for choosing Burn 60 and her life outside of the studio. Here's what she had to say:

Burn 60: What do you love most about Burn 60?

Rebecca Mall:  I have built a great community at Burn 60. I met two of my dearest friends while running next to them on treadmills. One of them, Elsa Collins, was even in my wedding! Working out alone is a challenge for me because I get bored and struggle to motivate. But I have a Burn 60 family now. I am not alone and work out with friends. I adore the trainers and consider them friends and inspirations. I love Jameson and the entire front desk staff and Carlos and his family!

B60:  What is your biggest fitness accomplishment?

RM:  I hate running and am not a great runner. But after running at Burn for five years, I finally ran almost nine miles and I think I am a freaking hero.

B60:  Why have you made health and fitness a priority in your life?

RM:  I work very hard and work many hours. I am pretty much stressed out all the time. Working out is my stress relief. It is my hour where I am not staring at my computer screen or thinking about all that I have to do. Working out is my hour, my time for me and me alone. It also gets me higher than any drug!

B60:  When you are not at Burn, where would we be likely to run into you?

RM:  At work or at brunch. Or if I am lucky, catching up on my DVR or napping. I work a lot, so I am there a lot... luckily I love my job. But nothing makes me happier than brunch and a nap. Thanks so much to Burn for all you do to enrich my life.

5 stylish additions to your resolution wardrobe


If you're anything like the rest of the world, chances are you have a long list of resolutions to uphold in the New Year. We're betting also, that they include some sort of "get-fit" plan. Perhaps you've resolved to run 3 mornings a week, lose the few extra pounds you acquired over the holidays, or simply eat a little cleaner and be a little healthier. Let's face it - when you LOOK better, you FEEL better and while you may not see the fruits of your labor right away, dressing the part can keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

Lucky for you, we recently stocked up on an amazing selection of athletic apparel from one of our favorite active-wear designers, Lululemon! Here's a look at the fashionably fit items now available for purchase at our Brentwood location:

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie *Stretch

scuba hoodie
scuba hoodie

Wunder Under Crop *Full-On Luon

wunderunder crop
wunderunder crop

 Run Inspire Crop

runinpire crop
runinpire crop

 Wunder Under Pant

wunderunder pant
wunderunder pant

Free To Be Bra

free to be bra
free to be bra
free to be bra2
free to be bra2

 Stop by the Burn 60 Studio TODAY and pick-up some inspiring new gear!

member of the month: jamie iffland


Meet JAMIE IFFLAND: Our December member of the month! She recently sat down with us after a Full Body Burn to answer a few BURNing questions that have been on our mind.

Burn 60:  What do you love most about Burn 60:

Jamie Iffland:  Everything! Burn 60 is the best full body workout I have ever experienced. There is no other workout that is more efficient. The trainers are dedicated, determined, and truly care about each class they lead. The management team is responsive and responsible. I feel a sense of caring that is genuine and sincere from everyone who makes up the incredible Burn 60 team.

B60:  What is your biggest fitness accomplishment?

JI:  My biggest fitness accomplishment... running the Los Angeles Marathon in 1998 and 2000. The funny thing about the 1998 Marathon is that I had never run in a race prior. I remember telling my dad as we were headed to the start of the race together, 'You know this is my first race ever!' Nothing like going for it! Another interesting fact about both marathons is that I never followed a marathon running program. I used to run for hours at a time so I thought I would sign up to run 26.2 miles.

B60:  Why have you made health and fitness a priority in your life?

JI:  Fitness and health have been my sanity and priority for years. I fell in love with running at 15 years old, 23 years ago for me. Fitness and health have to come from a love deep within, no one will get you out of bed at 4:45am to go run or go to the gym. Fitness is an incredible mental and physical outlet that we are so blessed to have. I never take it for granted, I enjoy every minute of it.

B60:  When you are not at Burn, where would we be likely to run into you?

JI:  When not at Burn 60...for me that is anytime after 7am or 8am!! During the week you can find me in and out of doctor's offices at work as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. On the weekends, I am always with the 2 loves of my life, Mitchell and Calista. My nephew and niece are my entire world is complete with them by my side.

B60:  What is one random or unique fact about you?

JI:  This one is tough! I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth for someone my size! Thank you Burn 60 team for being so wonderful and genuine!! Much love always to each of you!


What's more? The Burn 60 Team ADORES Jamie! Here is what some of the trainers had to say about this "Rockstar" client:

Light on her feet and strong in her heart! Jamie brings a smile and warm energy to every class, making Burn 60 feel like home whenever she is present. Thank you, Miss Jamie! - Anna

Jamie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, inside and out. She truly puts everyone else before herself and is an inspiration to all! She is dedicated, loving, spunky, loyal, and a wonderful friend. We are so lucky to have her at Burn and in our lives! XO - Char

Jamie has been a loyal Burner for a long time! It's a pleasure to have her in class. Jamie ALWAYS comes in with a smile and positive attitude. That is what working out is all about! - Mie

Jamie always brings her bright smile and huge heart to every class she attends. But don't let that fool you, she works just as hard in each class. - Nick

Jamie is a ROCK STAR in every way!!! - Julie

The thing I most admire about Jamie is that she is smart enough to work around any injuries and not lose her training momentum. - Liam

Jamie has taken 781 classes from 20 different instructors including over 100 classes every day of the week since her first class in May,2010 . We noticed her favorites class times: 118 classes at 5:45am, 216 classes at 7:00 am, and 126 at 8:15 am. It is a fact-Jamie is a morning person. She is like a beam of sunshine - hard working, committed, delightful, and the epitome of consistent. She is a class act in and out of the gym. It is a privilege to have a client like Jamie. - Janet


BURNing Questions: Christina Malizia

Here at Burn 60 we absolutely ADORE trainer Christina Malizia.  Were it not for her hard work, high energy, and long-time commitment to the studio, Burn would not be what it is today. We recently sat down with Christina and her growing baby belly for the latest edition of Burning Questions.

Burn 60: Where is someone likely to run into you?

Christina Malizia: Palisades Park, walking the bluff with the baby.

B: What is your favorite treat?

CM: Currently I crave apple pie from Votre Sante.  Also, at Juice Crafters there's a drink called Venice Cove I LOVE.

B: Do you have a current fitness obsession?

CM: My new go-to workout pant is by Elisabetta Rogiani.  They fit so well and are comfy with my growing baby belly.

B: What is your best fitness tip?

CM: If it’s not fun, don't do it.  Working out should be enjoyable.  If your head isn't having fun your body isn't going to respond.

5 BURNing questions with nick malizia

Nick Malizia is without question one of the most energetic and exciting trainers at Burn 60.  A native to Philadelphia,  Nick has always excelled in athletics and had a natural affinity towards fitness.  Upon realizing his dream to make health and wellness a career, he moved to California and has been pursuing his passion beneath the SoCal sunshine ever since.  We recently sat down with Nick to learn more about what motivates him - here's what he had to say:

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you?

Nick Malizia:  Numerous hiking trails all over LA, the beach on warm summer days, shopping in Venice or Sunday drives through the canyons.

B:  What is your favorite treat?

NM:  I've been on the hunt for the best burger in LA - I've yet to call one my favorite.

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

NM:  You'll usually find me day in day out in a pair of Nike air max sneakers, lulu lemon shorts and a Nike top (I'm a bit obsessive with my workout gear).  It's the most comfortable combo to workout in and go throughout my day in.  Also, I'm always switching up my workout routines but recently I've been training in crossfit which is a great combination of strength, endurance and speed.

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

NM:  Change only comes with hard work, time and dedication. You can't expect results right away.  Stick with your workout routine, eat right and the results always come. Once these routines become habitual it's that much easier to stay in them. Hard work always pays off!!!

B:  What are you most passionate about?

NM:  I'm most passionate about focusing and following through with all my life goals -whether it be daily, monthly, annually, personal or career based. When I reach these goals I become stronger mentally, spiritually or physically allowing me to be the best person I can for myself and others.

To learn more about Nick, sign up for a class (his candlelit Full Body Burn on Monday and Wednesday evenings is already a fan favorite).

5 BURNing questions with david petruzzi

Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Burn 60's resident actor David Petruzzi teaches from a place of true compassion. Having been overweight as a child, David understands the strength it takes to completely transform oneself (HINT: it starts with your mind, NOT your body). He brings his experience into each of his training sessions and, leading by example, gives clients the motivation necessary to reach their full potential.  With his one year anniversary at Burn 60 just around the corner, David sat down to give us a peek at what else lies behind that great smile.

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you? 

David Petruzzi:  I 'm always on the go so it's hard to say, most likely a coffee shop or movie theater.

B:  What is your favorite treat?

DP:  I love iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession (gear, trend, workout)?

DP:  I'm currently obsessed with hot yoga, it's an amazing way to center yourself, stretch your muscles and sweat too!

B:  What is your best fitness tip? 

DP:  Patience. To never lose site of your goals. Some days are harder then others, you just have to remind yourself why you wanted to get healthy. It's all mental.

B:  What are you most passionate about?

DP:  I'm a hippie at heart. I love to inspire people. To help push them to grow and connect with their inner self. And in return it helps me grow.

5 BURNing questions with anna renderer

Simply stated, trainer Anna Renderer does it all.  In addition to working with Burn 60, Anna is also the Health and Fitness Host for FitSugarTV at Popsugar Fitness, a working fitness actress, and CEO of her own company. We know what you're thinking, how does she manage?! Well, that's a secret we'll likely never know.  We're still trying to figure out how she found the time to sit down for this interview...

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you?

Anna Renderer:  Coral Tree Cafe, The Miss Fit Restaurant in Santa Monica, Sugarfish Sushi, Santa Monica Steps, Runyon Canyon, and Venice Beach.

B:  What is your favorite splurge?

AR:    Sushi, red wine, and macaroons!!

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

AR:  Lots! Trail running, swimming, the Garmin (fitness watch), Body Language apparel, and Fitblock - a new fitness app for people to get workouts - it's the iTunes of fitness!

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

AR:  When strength training outside or in the gym, it's best to begin your workout with 2-3 good core exercises to work your stabilizing muscles first and then add bigger more complex movements after that.

B:  What are you most passionate about?

AR:  My own kids fitness company called KFIT Health.  We have a great website that I would love for people to visit and join our newsletter and updated fitness education for kids! We are on a mission to end the epidemic of childhood obesity by providing fitness programs for parents, teachers, and coaches to use at home, in the classroom, or after-school programs. We are making fitness fun and functional for kids to learn the basic fundamental skills necessary to grow and live an active lifestyle. When kids learn to move and use their body at a young age, they grow confidence in their abilities to be active, they feel better, they practice healthier habits, and that carries on for a lifetime. So that is my passion along with helping the rest of our nation become a healthier population and learn more about what it means to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about Anna, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram via @annarenderer, or visit her website,  You can also catch her at the Burn 60 Fitness studio in Brentwood every Wednesday at 10:45AM and Thursday at 5:45AM.

5 BURNing questions with liam glennon

Fitness should be FUN and fun is exactly what you can expect during a workout with trainer Liam Glennon.  A native to Ireland and graduate of Biomedical Engineering at Iowa State, Liam has devoted his life to being physically active and staying in shape.  He keeps quite busy surfing, writing, traveling and training, but this past week we grabbed hold of him just long enough to ask a few "burning" questions:

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you?

Liam Glennon:  Momed, Pacos Tacos or Sunset Beach.

B:  What is your favorite splurge?

LG:  The Farm-Eo cookie from "The Farm" in Beverly Hills

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

LG:  Paddle boarding!

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

LG:  Find a workout, art or sport that you LOVE.

B:  You finally have a moment to sit down and relax, what is your drink of choice?

LG:  Guinness mixed with tequila

B: Sounds interesting! We'll take two!

To learn more about Liam, visit his website Perpetual Motion Training or sign up for a class!*

*Liam teaches weekly at our Brentwood studio location

5 BURNing questions with julie diamond

Julie Diamond has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  She is a personal trainer, a Lululemon ambassador and a beloved member of the Burn 60 family. We recently sat down to ask her a few "burning" questions.

Burn 60:  Where is someone likely to run into you? 

Julie Diamond: Greens Up on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

B:  What is your favorite splurge?

JD: Sweet Rose Creamery's mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone! YUMMY!

B:  Do you have a current fitness obsession?

JD:  Lululemon sleeve warmers --- (they're) just fun!

B:  What is your best fitness tip?

JD:  Schedule your workout as your most important meeting of your day!

B:  Apart from your new website, are you currently working on any special projects?

JD: Yes! I am involved with the Kickin Cancer event being held in Brentwood on September 29th - it's a FUN 5K on San Vicente Boulevard.  I will be leading the crowd of over 3,000 in a warm-up and have started a team with Lululemon called "LULULEMON BRENTWOOD JUNEBUGS".

To learn more about Julie, visit her website Julie Diamond Fitness or sign up for a class! She teaches Full Body Burn at our Brentwood studio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM..

helen carver, 80 years old and still BURNin!

Burn 60 wants to recognize a woman who exemplifies what it is to stay fit and live an active and healthy lifestyle. Helen Carver has been taking class at Burn 60 for 2 years and has recently turned 80 years old this past April 10th. She comes to class every Wednesday at 10:45am for the total body burn with Anna, before that with Stephanie and before that with Mark. Helen says she loves Burn 60, “everyone here is so nice, I love coming here to workout”. But that’s not all she does to stay fit! When I asked Helen how often she exercises she said, “7 days a week”, with a big smile on her face. Outside of Burn 60, Helen walks a steep flight of steps in the Palisades 6 days a week. She does a total of 900 steps each day! She also occasionally jogs down a canyon (near Rustic Canyon) and walks up which takes her about 1 hour to finish!

Helen has always been active. She mentions that when she first started exercising it was with Jack Lolane on TV for 30 minutes a day. She also used to run 6 miles everyday as a young woman and was a skilled tennis player. She met her husband Ralph at Riviera Tennis Club when she asked him to partner up for a co-ed tennis tournament. Ralph, who was a 3-year letterman in Basketball and 4-year letterman in Volleyball in college at Stanford was also a fantastic tennis player. A clear match if you ask me? She and her husband Ralph, now 84 years old, both started attending Burn 60 classes together after consistently attending a Body Camp in the Palisades for 1½ years. Once that body camp closed they turned to Burn 60 for their workouts. Ralph now has a personal trainer at home to stay fit but isn’t running or walking too often in order to avoid flare ups of arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

When I asked Helen what she and her husband do for fun she said, “we exercise”. It was apparent that exercise is the most enjoyable part of Helen’s whole day. Helen says, “I don’t have any aches and pains so I’m just going to keep going as long as I can”. She and Ralph also enjoy watching sports on TV! They are Stanford fans all the way and also love the Miami Heat, 49ers and now the Colts since they picked their Stanford alumni, Andrew Luck. Helen sure knows her football.

Helen is a wonderful example of how fitness and activity can lead to a long and healthy life. She is enjoying her years to the fullest because she has embraced this lifestyle. At Burn 60 Helen walks on the treadmill between 3.7 and 5.0mph and never hesitates to join in on the incline challenges. She performs her plank, push up, bench dip, TRX row, Box jumps, and more with great form and is always up for a new exercise to try.

Thank you Helen, for allowing us to dive into your life and share the secrets of your health. Keep inspiring the world to fitness!