May Most Valuable Burner - Mitch Hyatt

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Congratulation to our May MVB Mitch Hyatt! Mitch has been coming in since February 6, 2017, taking his first class with Nick. Over the past two years he’s taken a total of 425 classes with 19 different trainers. Talk about the ultimate levels of dedication, Mitch is ready to come in and conquer class at all times! His hard work shows strong, and we can’t wait to see him hit more goals moving into the rest of 2019.

We sat down with our winner to ask him some questions about his time hitting goals at Burn 60:

MITCH’s Responses:

Tell us about your first class with Nick?

My first class kicked my ass just like every class still does. Nick’s upbeat attitude and great music kept me wanting to come back.

Do you have a favorite instructor and/or class?

Favorite instructors are Nick, Keith & Kasseem so any time they’re teaching I’m excited to be in class.

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Love sprinting and upper body. Least favorite would probably be split squats.

What do you love most about Burn 60 and what keeps you coming back?

I keep coming back because I know I’ll always have an amazing workout and feel great when it’s done.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in-studio?


What is your favorite motivational fitness quote?

So many of them but one that has helps me a lot is “you can do anything for 60 seconds.”

Some quotes from HIS trainers:

“A staple participant in the 8:15 class. Mitch is a great guy and always willing to try any suggested floor movement or run! Love having him in class." - Nelly

"Mitch is one of a kind. He’s worked his ass off to better himself, progressing physically and mentally. I’m happy to now call him one of my close friends." - Nick

“Mitch is an excellent athlete and I love having him in my Burn60 classes!  My only problem with him is that he looks younger than me and has better style.” - Keith