January 2019 MVB - Gina K.


Congratulations Gina! You are our first MVB of 2019. You have accomplished so much and it shows. You are definitely considered an OG at Burn and we still look forward to seeing your smiling face walk through the door. You continue to train hard in every class and always push yourself to improve. Congrats on hitting an 11mph!

Below are a few fun facts about your 6.5 year history with Burn: 

  • Your first class was a Pilates class on August 18, 2009. (Yes - we used to have Core 60 Pilates next door.)  

  • You didn’t take your first official Burn 60 class until March 22, 2012 with Liam.

  • You have taken 750 classes at Burn!  You average 3 classes a week.  

  • You have sweat it out with 25 different instructors.

  • You prefer morning classes, 8:15a, 8:30a and 9:30a.

  • And welcome to West Hollywood. We love that you’re also taking classes across town.

  • You have run the equivalent of 2250 miles or the distance between LA to Ohio.

  • You have burned off over 300,000 calories at Burn 60 — or 85 lbs.   

You are the poster client showing up every class with ambition and a true commitment to your health. You are a superstar. We are proud to celebrate you and learn a little bit more about what you have to say about Burn:

Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

Nick + Keith

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite: Burn and pilates are my favorite. Least: Can’t really think of a least favorite.

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

Best full body workout.

What has been your greatest accomplishment inside the studio?

Hitting a sprint at 11.

What is your favorite motivational fitness quote?

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Here’s what Gina’s favorite trainers have to say about her…

"She's always very dedicated and focused in class." - Brielle D.

"Gina's awesome! She runs like a beast, trains like an animal. Burn superstar!" - Andrew S.

"Gina doesn't take my class anymore." - Liam M.

"Gina has showed tremendous improvement over the years and has become way more confident." - Kris C.