Ode To Liam

Roses are red, violets are blue, our trainers and staff have anniversaries, just like me and you. We like to acknowledge these special days because our dedicated Burn Family definitely deserves the praise.

He started on 12/11 taking class after class after class. He took David, Keith and Julie- all great trainers to sharpen his craft. It must have felt like forever before he put on a mic, because frankly it was... We were sure he’d take a hike. On Jan 31, in 2012 Liam taught his first 5:45a class and no one went on strike.
Here are some stats that should make you all proud. If you’re part of his posse, you’re definitely a number in this crowd -

  • Over the last 7 years Liam has taught 1771 classes (that’s 74 straight days of classes)

  • He has had over 24,500 client visits mostly on Monday +Weds at 6a + Sundays at 9:15a. But don’t be fooled, his workout has changed a ton. It is always getting harder (but shorter) than it was on Day 1.

  • To our dismay, his music remains the same. How could this Irishman be so successful when his music sucks and his workout is never tame?

Congratulations Liam on your 7th year at Burn. The fact that your numbers keep growing is a statistic that only you can command. But thank goodness for the business, because your sold out classes are in demand.
You have changed many lives, one client at a time, and possibly offended just as many- who choose to never take your class time. Our jabs are just in fun, you know we love you dearly. Your leadership and legendary form of training is second to no one!