August M.V.B. - Kelsey Gallagher!



Every month we ask all of our trainers and staff to submit names of who they believe is deserving of our highest achievement- Most Valuable Burner (MVB) . Moving forward, I invite YOU-  our clients to nominate your peers for this prestigious award. You are all doing the work together- why shouldn’t you be cheering each other on and acknowledging each other?

Is there a special client that you believe deserves this accolade? Please email me at and tell us why you think someone in the Burn community is next MVB on our list.

Here are a few fun facts about Kelsey's history with Burn:

  • Her first class was on Sunday, July 5, 2015 with Liam
  • She has taken a total of 374 classes in 3 years
    • That is an average of 124 classes a year or 10 classes a month (this year you averaged 12) 
  • You have taken class from 21 different instructors
    • 122 classes with Kris
    • 92 classes with Liam
    • 51 classes with Sam
    • 45 classes with Andrew




We asked Kelsey some questions about her time spent at Burn 60:

Tell us about your first class at Burn with Liam?

I was on treadmill one wearing a white Hanes v-neck tee that kept threatening to ride up over my head and of course Liam kept calling me out on it, but he also freaked out when I stepped on the tread at 10.0 without using the handrails. Not only that, but he pushed me to go a little faster in my first class and hasn’t stopped since then! 


Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

Kris’s Monday 6:00pm class is my favorite. It’s the best way to start the week and I always feel like I’m going to die at the end so I know I’m doing it right.  I know I can never slack in his class because even if he doesn’t say anything, he is always watching and judging and that alone makes me want to perform at my best. 


What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

My favorite is a .15 sprint because I know if I just suffer through 44 seconds I will hit the number and be done with it. My least favorite exercise is full chest to floor burpees... they’re the worst especially right after finishing a hard run on the tread. 


What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

Working out here has completely changed my body! I love that I can never be stagnant - there is always another milestone to hit, a time to beat or a new weight to try on the floor. I love that Andrew, Liam, Kris and Sam never let me slack and always push me to new limits. 


What has been your greatest accomplishment inside the studio?  

Hitting a 3 minute half! Physically I knew I could do it, but mentally I never ever thought I could hit it and now that I have I can’t believe I ever doubted myself. 


Some words from our trainers...

Don’t pull a Gallagher... - Kris C.

A true Burn regular. She crushes every workout and inspires every trainer that is lucky enough to have her in class. Trainer tip: she makes a mean set of cookies - just make sure you come to class after you eat one. - Andrew S.

It’s been a pleasure to see you go from ‘bad’ to ‘mediocre’ to your current ‘better’ 😋😃😃😃……  - Liam G.

Always a pleasure having Kelsey in class. Her work ethic and self-accountability is infectious for those she trains with, and it has been great to see her consistent improvements week after week. Keep at it Gallagher! - Sam C.

Kelsey has been coming to Burn 60 since July of 2015. She sets goals every class to reach a new personal best. Whenever she comes to take class, she is always friendly to the staff and stays after to talk to us at the front desk. Whenever I take class with her, she would always compete to run the fastest in the entire class. There is no way I can keep up with her on the treadmill. Kelsey is so much fun to be around and I truly believe that she is well deserving of our Burn 60 MVB for the month of August. - David R. (front desk)