Trainer Spotlight: Harry Rosedale



Where are you originally from?

Kona, HI. But my family moved to Arcadia, CA when I was 10.


What inspired you to become a trainer?

A few years ago, taking group fitness classes began to take on an integral part of my week. I received huge emotional and physical benefits, all while having fun. This positive personal experience, combined with my desire to help others, led me to want to share these benefits with others.


What drives you?

The desire to give challenge clients out of their comfort zone, so that they can achieve optimal results.


What can people expect when they come to your class? 

Tough, no-nonsense workouts that will challenge them, inspire them, but will also make them want to get down and boogie.


You can catch HARRY every week at Burn 60 West Hollywood at 8:30a M/W + 12:00p Sun.