Trainer Spotlight: Joey Rubino



Where are you originally from?

I grew up in London, but Los Angeles has always felt like home.


What inspired you to become a trainer?

Growing up, I was overweight.  It was challenging.  Then I discovered that moving your body made a difference, and that made it easier.  I discovered that I could change my physical self, and that was powerful.  Eventually I discovered that I could help others who were struggling with the same thing.  And that was wonderful.  I’ve realized that much of the power was in taking action, and joy didn’t have to wait until you reached a goal that you’ve set. 

I think that’s an aspect of the fitness world that can be missing, and needs to be called to attention.  I look to help people realize they are awesome now - and if they are looking to change their body, then feeling great about the journey is key - not waiting to think they are awesome until they hit a goal.  I started training to fill a gap - to remind others that to live life waiting to feel awesome can be a waste.  Feel awesome now.


What drives you?

Love, always.  Everyone can use more love - self love, love for those around us.  Its hard to love others when the self love is missing, so I’m driven to make sure everyone realizes they are so worthy of love right in this moment. It isn’t something you have to earn.


What can people expect when they come to your class? 

I push only when the time is right.  In my class you can expect to feel more connected - I pick up on the best you can achieve today and show you how to get there. You’ll leave feeling happy and uplifted.


You can catch Joey every week at Burn 60 West Hollywood at 9:30a M/W/F