Run To Remember 2019: A Chat With the Team Coaches


How did you get into running 5Ks/10ks/Half Marathons?

Andrew: When I was young I ran my first distance race and I remember thinking - this is really hard - but it was so much fun and exhilarating. The challenge of setting a goal and achieving it meant a lot to me.

Kris: I started running 10Ks, half marathons, and full marathons because of my father, a 32 year Los Angeles Marathon Legacy runner. My father received that title because of his incredible commitment to the Los Angeles Marathon, completing every LA Marathon up to date. 

What are your training tips for long distance runs?

Andrew: My advice is first to train for it. That way you can listen to your body and understand and enjoy the run. Go out slower than you think. Pace yourself Constantly hydrate. Add in a secret weapon: gummy bears and/or electrolytes.

Kris: My greatest tip for running long distance is to start by gradually increasing your miles every week. I would not advise going out the first time and attempting to run six miles if you have never done this before. Start with 2-3 miles, and increase your run by 1 mile every week or two depending on how you are feeling.


What has your past experience with Run to Remember? Why do you participate in it?

Andrew: I warmed up everyone to Run to Remember and it was an honor to salute the first responders and everyone who supports them. And my students who ran the race - crushed it!

Kris: I have completed the “Run To Remember” twice now and have truly enjoyed them. I ran with friends and family and had incredible support from the community. Not to mention, It’s always inspiring to see all of our troops running in full uniform