BURNing questions: julie diamond

Yes, you read that right. Our BURNing questions segment is back and better than ever! Beginning today we will be featuring a new Burn 60 Team Member EVERY MONTH on the Burn Blog. This is your chance to go behind the scenes - to step of the treadmill, get out of the studio, and get inside the minds of our amazing fitness instructors! This month we sat down with trainer Julie Diamond, a veteran of the Los Angeles fitness scene who was able to offer PLENTY of insight into her world of health and happiness!


Burn 60: What made you want to start working in the fitness industry?

Julie Diamond: I have always enjoyed fitness - although my pivotal move to the industry (from the fashion world) came when both my parents fell ill at early ages. I realized there are SO many preventative measure we can take to ensure our best health possible.

All About The Studio -

B60: How long have you been training at Burn 60?

JD: 7 years!

B60: What do you love most about working here?

JD: I love the intensity of the workout as the integrity of a Burn 60 workout - and the people!

Feeling The BURN At Home -

B60: When do you prefer to workout?

JD: Either in the morning or early afternoon.

B60: Where are your "trouble zones" and how do you tone them?

JD: My biggest trouble zone is my bum. I do squats, lunges at EVERY angle, bridge lifts, you name it!

B60: What do you wear when you run?

JD: Lululemon RUN gear - I LOVE their Luxtreme fabrics!


Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II* Luxtreme

B60: What is the most common fitness myth you hear?

JD: Women are afraid of lifting heavy weights for fear of "bulking up" - that's a big one.

FACT: Women who lift a challenging weight for 8 reps burn nearly twice as many calories as women who do 15 reps with lighter dumbbells, according to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

A Day In The Life -

B60: What does a typical day for you look like?

JD: Every day is slightly different and of course, things can always change at the drop of a hat, but typically I am up early - anywhere between 5:15AM and 6:30AM. I begin my day with breakfast, emails, social media... I go over client agendas and progress and then fix my food for the day.

My morning consists of 2-3 personal clients, then I am off to Burn 60 to teach my 1PM class there. Next, its MY time to train.

In the evenings I usually have 2-3 more clients and whenever I have a moment to spare, I use it to walk or play with Whiskey Bear (my dog).

B60: Do you LOVE LA? Why?

JD: Yes! I love the weather, the outdoors and especially being near the ocean!

B60: Where is your favorite place to "escape" in Los Angeles?

JD: I am a beach girl, so anywhere I can watch the sun or moon dance on the ocean I am happy - Malibu is always bliss!*

julie diamond beach
julie diamond beach

*Trainer Julie Diamond teaches Full Body Burn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM at our Brentwood studio location.