I want results, I want intensity, and I want variety. Burn 60 gives me all that and more; it’s the most effective and efficient workout, period. For 60 minutes I’m working non-stop and when I’m finished I couldn’t feel better. Absolutely the best workout—Ever.
— Chris O'Donnell, Actor
“With so many types of classes, I never get bored; Burn 60 has many wonderful trainers and an easily accessible schedule. Burn 60 is the ultimate place for me to work out whether I’m preparing to get in shape for my next movie or going for an awesome, encouraging workout with my girlfriends. Burn 60 is the best place to be!” “Burn 60 is a great workout that always challenges me. It is constantly changing and therefore shocks the body. I’m not fond of workouts that are “the routine” and burn has eliminated the norm of the regular workout. I love the trainers too... one in particular. The hour goes by quickly for me which I like too. A fantastic workout that leaves me dripping in sweat and begs me to come back for more. PS... they don’t play country music either, Praise the Lord!!!”
— Daniel Powter, Singer/Songwriter
Whenever I’m in Los Angeles I go to the Burn! Love the place.
— Chris Evert, Professional Tennis Player
I cannot imagine a better workout—it’s time efficient, and works my body from head to toe. When I go to the gym alone I feel bored, as if I’ll never finish my workout—but at Burn 60 it honestly feels like time flies and I’m done before I know it! I also appreciate the nice equipment and clean environment. Even the powder room smells wonderful! Drew and Janet really know how to make working out efficient and elegant. Thanks, you guys!
— Christine Avanti, Nutritionist
Going to Burn 60 feels like home—the friends, the energy, the attitude. The music and atmosphere inspire me to push just a little harder than I normally would, and that little bit makes a huge difference in getting results. I’ve never felt better from a workout.
— Kathy Smith, Personal Trainer
Our family have all tried Burn 60. We’ve lost Nick but 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad. Mostly we hate the part where you still have to eat well! Other than that, we’re addicted to Burn 60.” “Shannon can beat Gene running up the Canyons now, thanks to the lung and heart workout she gets at Michelle’s Burn 60 class. Her butt doesn’t droop anymore and that makes for happy jeans (not Genes). Love you all!
— Gene, Shannon, and Sophie Simmons
BURN 60 is my addiction and my cure and the achievement of my day every day. It makes other achievements possible throughout the course of the day. If I have conquered a Burn 60 work out I can conquer and quell most other fears, trepidations, insecurities and doubts and soar to a greater place out there in the world once I walk out those doors! I do feel empowered and accomplished, as most of us do, but it goes beyond that in my life in so many ways.
When I first started Burn 60 in 2007-2008 I was extremely intimidated, shy, terrified to walk through that door, and the oldest, fattest most out of shape person there! However I kept trying, not realizing what an important crutch and tool to my happiness and well being it would eventually become.
I persisted in returning to Burn 60 and Burn became my miracle cure. I worked through my pain and fears and rehabilitation with the help of all the trainers who became my confidantes and cheerleaders. My fears, worries, doubts and troubles melt away and are pounded out of me between the energy of the music, the spirit of the trainers, and the attaining of my personal best. I walk out that door with a confidence that I can make it through another day. It is the most efficient use of an hour of training with the most knowledgable trainers as your guides. As opposed to spending a fortune on personal trainers who let you stop and want to talk to you about their other clients and their families, their vacations and home remodels until you want to scream “just keep me moving I am paying you $2 a minute”! At Burn you don’t have a choice.
— Maggie Parker, Burn 60 Client
I have been in the fitness business now for almost 20 years, and have taught pretty much every kind of class, so you can imagine that I have pretty high expectations when it comes to getting my own workout. Burn 60 gives me exactly what I want. High intensity, calorie burning, weight training and great music all in just 60 minutes. How can you beat that?
— Bob Harper, Celebrity Fitness Professional
After having my twins, Burn 60 has been my savior. Between family and work I needed a place where I could go get a full body workout in an hour. With the cardio and strength workout at Burn, the results are phenomenal.
— Marcia Cross, Actress
Burn and Turn 60 provide me with a low-impact, high-energy workout that doesn’t leave me feeling beat up like I did when training for the season, but still gives me similar results.
— Junior Bryant, San Francisco 49ers Football Player
I have known Janet Crown, the owner of Burn 60, for a long time—and if there’s anyone who knows the best way to get your butt in shape in the most fun, effective, and exhilarating way, it’s Janet and her team! Burn 60 is amazing! It truly maximizes your time (especially in this sometimes stress-filled world of ours), allows you to take care of yourself while having a blast, and look your best without spending a whole day trying to accomplish your ultimate workout.
— Jamie King, Actress
As an actress, I have to be in shape. After my son was born, I had gained 45 pounds, but thanks to Burn 60 workouts and Medifast meals, I have lost those pounds and am in better shape than before I was pregnant! The classes hit every body part, allow me to motivate and work at my own level, but no matter what, I get fantastic results! When I work it, it works for me. Pretty simple.
— Kristy Swanson, Actress