helen carver, 80 years old and still BURNin!

Burn 60 wants to recognize a woman who exemplifies what it is to stay fit and live an active and healthy lifestyle. Helen Carver has been taking class at Burn 60 for 2 years and has recently turned 80 years old this past April 10th. She comes to class every Wednesday at 10:45am for the total body burn with Anna, before that with Stephanie and before that with Mark. Helen says she loves Burn 60, “everyone here is so nice, I love coming here to workout”. But that’s not all she does to stay fit! When I asked Helen how often she exercises she said, “7 days a week”, with a big smile on her face. Outside of Burn 60, Helen walks a steep flight of steps in the Palisades 6 days a week. She does a total of 900 steps each day! She also occasionally jogs down a canyon (near Rustic Canyon) and walks up which takes her about 1 hour to finish!

Helen has always been active. She mentions that when she first started exercising it was with Jack Lolane on TV for 30 minutes a day. She also used to run 6 miles everyday as a young woman and was a skilled tennis player. She met her husband Ralph at Riviera Tennis Club when she asked him to partner up for a co-ed tennis tournament. Ralph, who was a 3-year letterman in Basketball and 4-year letterman in Volleyball in college at Stanford was also a fantastic tennis player. A clear match if you ask me? She and her husband Ralph, now 84 years old, both started attending Burn 60 classes together after consistently attending a Body Camp in the Palisades for 1½ years. Once that body camp closed they turned to Burn 60 for their workouts. Ralph now has a personal trainer at home to stay fit but isn’t running or walking too often in order to avoid flare ups of arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

When I asked Helen what she and her husband do for fun she said, “we exercise”. It was apparent that exercise is the most enjoyable part of Helen’s whole day. Helen says, “I don’t have any aches and pains so I’m just going to keep going as long as I can”. She and Ralph also enjoy watching sports on TV! They are Stanford fans all the way and also love the Miami Heat, 49ers and now the Colts since they picked their Stanford alumni, Andrew Luck. Helen sure knows her football.

Helen is a wonderful example of how fitness and activity can lead to a long and healthy life. She is enjoying her years to the fullest because she has embraced this lifestyle. At Burn 60 Helen walks on the treadmill between 3.7 and 5.0mph and never hesitates to join in on the incline challenges. She performs her plank, push up, bench dip, TRX row, Box jumps, and more with great form and is always up for a new exercise to try.

Thank you Helen, for allowing us to dive into your life and share the secrets of your health. Keep inspiring the world to fitness!