Trainer Spotlight: Kevin McAlpine

Detroit born Kevin McAlpine talks about never being afraid to conquer the unknown, pursing your passions and much more in this week's Trainer Spotlight... 

Where are you originally from?

DEE-TRIOTT. Made the move out to LA to work in the entertainment industry about 6 1/2 years ago. 

What inspired you to become a trainer? 

When I was working as a publicist I started training to cope with the stress of the job. All of a sudden I fell in love with fitness and decided it was a passion I wanted to pursue. 

When I told my friends and family I wanted to make a 180 degree career move and become a personal trainer they were like "WHAATT? No way that’s a thing." But I was determined. I started studying to get certified after work and on weekends. When I passed my certification, I left the entertainment industry behind. It takes a lot of strength to leave a comfortable situation to conquer the unknown. 

What drives you? 

I want to help people who don't think they can get fit, get fit. I know they can. It's my job to motivate them to get over that initial hurdle. I had a client who came to me diabetic, very overweight and had never worked out before. Getting him into a constant routine and seeing him grow was so rewarding. Now he wants to workout and get healthier. That's amazing.

What can people expect when they come to your class? 

Fun, positive energy and great throwback music. I'm going to push you to your limits, but you're going to walk out the door with a smile.

Take advantage of the WEHO summer special and try out Kevin's class for $18 on Mondays @ 9:30 + Wednesdays @ 8:30a & 9:30a HERE