Week Three: Itty Bitty Muscles

Gabs and I (Amy) do everything as a team. So with Gabs was in Japan this week I spent time at Burn 60 alone. Even though she couldn’t be with me in person, she was there in spirit and she even sent me these interview questions so she could participate in some small way.

How many times did you plan on working out this week?

I had planned on working out four times this week. Ambitious, I know. I like to aim high and then see where I land. I’m going to smugly say that I think you’ll see setting goals pays off in a big way.

How many times did you actually work out this week?

DANG IT! Not even close to four. Two workouts at Burn 60, although I scheduled three. There were some big transitions at work that kept me out of the gym. I even went and did a non-Burn 60 workout, but it just wasn’t the same. I have such limited time to work out that not going to Burn feels like a total waste of that time, as it’s truly such a full body experience.

What was the hardest part?

Completing even the 45 minute Express class on Sunday morning was a struggle because I went into class unprepared. I am realizing how important hydration and diet really are to my overall success. If I go in first thing without drinking any water or eating breakfast, then it’s going to be hard to push myself to beat my previous times and weight lifting goals. Likewise, if I am not focusing on supporting my exercise with my diet, the results just won’t be there.

What was the best part?

When I actually do go, I feel incredibly accomplished and motivated to improve in other areas of my life.  Another huge win was seeing myself run at a 6.0 speed on the treadmill. I haven’t gotten anywhere near that in a long time.

What was your biggest non-physical #lifewin this week?

I’m starting to see itty bitty baby muscles on my arms! There’s a bicep, I can see it! My arms have long been kind of soft, long tubey things attached to my body that I use to wave around at concerts or lift glasses of champagne to my lips; but this week my arms are truly showing definition and I know that’s thanks to the floor exercises and lifting weights at Burn. In Trainer Andrew’s class on Sunday we did plenty with hand weights, including arm raises, floor to ceiling lifts, squat presses and a kind of “tossing” the weight, where you hold onto it but quickly lift it. I’m lifting with heavier and heavier weights, and just as soon as I get cocky, I’m reminded how hard even the “light” weights are with repetitive movements!

How have you changed since the beginning of the month of Burn60?

My running speed has taken off. I still have to warm up pretty slow, but I can run intermittently at a 5.5-6.0 now without completely falling off the treadmill. That blows my mind. I’m such a slowpoke and have never really been able to run for very long, but with Trainer Liam’s encouragement, I’ve gotten those speeds up. That’s another amazing thing — the Trainers really care and they REMEMBER your progress. Liam knows I’m improving in very specific ways and he’s happy to share those with me, which helps me as I consider my own progress.

What are you looking forward to this week ( in class and out!)?

This week I’m looking forward to completing at least three Burn 60 classes. I’m determined to get up at 5am if I have to and go in early. My health is too important to me to put on the back burner and I realized this week — there’s ALWAYS going to be something stopping you. There’s always going to be a work crisis, there’s always going to be an event, or a deadline, or this or that. You have to MAKE the time, and you have to prioritize it. You CAN find the time, if you want to. It’s as simple as that. This week, I’m MAKING time.

See you there!