member of the month: rebecca mall

rebecca mall
rebecca mall

Just last week we sat down with Rebecca Mall, our February member of the month, to ask her a few BURNing questions about her reasons for choosing Burn 60 and her life outside of the studio. Here's what she had to say:

Burn 60: What do you love most about Burn 60?

Rebecca Mall:  I have built a great community at Burn 60. I met two of my dearest friends while running next to them on treadmills. One of them, Elsa Collins, was even in my wedding! Working out alone is a challenge for me because I get bored and struggle to motivate. But I have a Burn 60 family now. I am not alone and work out with friends. I adore the trainers and consider them friends and inspirations. I love Jameson and the entire front desk staff and Carlos and his family!

B60:  What is your biggest fitness accomplishment?

RM:  I hate running and am not a great runner. But after running at Burn for five years, I finally ran almost nine miles and I think I am a freaking hero.

B60:  Why have you made health and fitness a priority in your life?

RM:  I work very hard and work many hours. I am pretty much stressed out all the time. Working out is my stress relief. It is my hour where I am not staring at my computer screen or thinking about all that I have to do. Working out is my hour, my time for me and me alone. It also gets me higher than any drug!

B60:  When you are not at Burn, where would we be likely to run into you?

RM:  At work or at brunch. Or if I am lucky, catching up on my DVR or napping. I work a lot, so I am there a lot... luckily I love my job. But nothing makes me happier than brunch and a nap. Thanks so much to Burn for all you do to enrich my life.