Big Change: Overweight, Fed Up + Brand New to BURN

At almost 300 pounds, I knew I had to make a change. I was having trouble sleeping, none of my clothes fit, and I was tired of not being able to hike or live the active life I had once led. I decided two months ago to start eating right and exercising five to six times a week. 

I’ve taken Burn 60 classes before, but I wanted to know what committing myself for an entire month would produce. Will I lose weight? Maybe. Would I gain strength and confidence? Definitely. Burn 60 classes are a mixture of treadmill running followed immediately by floor exercises involving weights, bands and utilizing your personal body weight through push-ups and planks. You switch from floor to treadmill many times during class, which is both an incredible workout and incredibly tiring. Even if you think you’re getting a “break” as you step off your treadmill halfway through class, you quickly realize with a groan that you have floor exercises ahead of you! The instructors always change it up and keep you on your toes and you walk away from class with a great sense of accomplishment. Perfect.

My best friend Gabs committed to attending at least once a week with me, and I’m going to try and attend at least three classes a week. Gabs had never attended a Burn 60 class, but she’s heard me talk about it and was excited to see how she’d do. She was a little nervous too! 

Gabs and I began our adventure by attending an Extreme Burn class taught by Liam.  Liam runs his classes with a lot of energy and in a state of controlled chaos. The intervals are a lot shorter, two minutes on the treadmill, two minutes on floor, over and over for the whole length of time. You barely have time to catch your breath before you’re on to the next exercise. Gabs focused on finishing the class, and I focused on pushing myself a bit further than I’d ever gone before. I managed to get my sprint up to a 4.5 for a full 30 seconds. Others in the class were running at 9, 10 or even 11! That’s one of the things that’s so enjoyable about the classes. While you may all be in the same room, every single person in there is getting a very different work out. 

The next day I was so sore I was having trouble walking up a flight of stairs. I took this as a good sign! I attended a Signature Burn 60 class the next day, taught by Michelle. The signature classes are a full 60 minutes in length, and I made it my personal goal to finish the class and do the best I could. Half-way through I realized that Signature is no joke, and I thought about bolting for the door. Somehow, I stayed.

While Liam’s class focuses a lot on quick movements and using your body weight to train, Michelle expertly used bands and hand weights to get us lifting, moving and sweating. I liked that Michelle gently reminded the room — “There’s no ego here!” and that form was more important, as she walked around making sure everyone had proper form. No injuries here!

I’m easily the heaviest person in any Burn 60 class I’ve been in to date, but I’m still able to complete the classes, do almost every single exercise, and if I’m having trouble there’s always a modification. I was worried initially about being pushed too hard or being judged for not being as fit as others, but I’ve been blown away by the supportive community at Burn 60. Instructors are there to motivate but not punish. Other members are happy to lend a hand grabbing equipment, or sharing as needed. My fears about being out of place were unnecessary and I feel right at home, even when I’m flailing around like a crazy person doing my best to “keep moving!” as Liam would say.

Small victories for the week include: 

  1. FINISHING the signature class 
  2. Running for longer and faster than I've been able to in a long time 

Gabs completed her class too. she loved it. We are already looking forward to what this week will bring!