January M.V.B. Steve Mackall!

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A chat with our MVB...

Tell us about your first class at Burn on May 21 in 2007?

I don't remember it. But sometime around then Jake Nugent (remember Jake?!) played Adele's 'Chasing Pavements' and it stopped me dead in my treadmill tracks. First time I had heard that song.  Fabulous.  

Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

My faves throughout the ages have been Jake Nugent, of course Julie Diamond, my nephew Nick Malizia, and Keith. Nick and Keith have been my inspirational staples, always crafting the super challenging class and executing it with passion, purpose, humor, support and good music. Gonna seriously miss Nick! Ugh. Can we convince Keith to take his monday 8:15?  

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite exercise, Child's Pose. Least favorite, everything else.   

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

The workouts are righteous; they're always tough and demanding. I love knowing I can drag myself in there at 8:15 and an hour later I'll feel incredible, energized and ready to embrace my day (after enjoying a "recovery coffee" namely my vanilla latte 😉).  I also love the community I'm blessed with in both my Monday and Thursday classes. Awesome "usual suspects" who always have a smile, fist bump, hug, or hi. Super comfortable extended family vibe. I keep coming back for those reasons and the fact that I believe prevention is the best health care. I absolutely love that at my annual "check up" my doctor reviews all my vitals and says: "wow, you must exercise a lot!"  


What has been your greatest accomplishment inside the studio? 

I was never an athlete as a kid. My interests were elsewhere and I never cared that much. My greatest accomplishment at Burn probably has to be that I have become an athlete. Shocking. But as my instructors have said, "these classes are demanding and only true athletes can endure them."  It's sort of amazing for me to think I may actually be in that number.