Nutrition Talk with Christian + Julie

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Christian and Julie have teamed up this week to share a bit of collaborative insight into nutrition! This is a great way to take the Burn 60 lifestyle home with you after class, integrating healthy eating into everything you do. Follow along - this will help you push harder and hit more milestones than you thought possible!

How far in advance of a Burn 60 class should I eat? If I’m running late, should I quickly eat something or just wait until after the class? 

Christian: 60-90 minutes before class is a good window of time to eat. The second part of the question is hard to say a definite answer. Some people will perform better if they eat something small, some will benefit from staying fasted. 

Julie: It depends on you --- some people like to eat a 100-200 calorie snack a half hour before a workout while others like to eat a well-balanced meal --- play with it and find what works for you. I always think something light like a piece of fruit is good but again everybody's different! 

What’s the best post-Burn 60 workout snack or meal? 

Christian: The best post workout meal contains two servings of complex carbs like brown rice and broccoli and one serving of protein like steak, fish or chicken. It also contains a healthy fat like an avocado. 

Julie: A combination of healthy, clean carbs, protein and fats is best. Preferably real food but a protein shake is great too. 

What kind of diet should I be on to lose weight while taking Burn 60 classes? 

Christian: I believe most people lose weight on a low carb moderate protein moderate fat diet. High nutrient dense foods and no processed foods. 

Julie: I’m not a big fan of diets – I prefer to make it a lifestyle of healthy eating.    EAT CLEAN!!! Think complex carbs, protein and healthy fats. Cut out alcohol, sugar, white flour, pasta. Maintain control with portions.  

Is ‘pre-workout’ safe or recommended before a Burn 60 class? 

Christian: Certain "pre-workouts" can make someone feel very uncomfortable. I recommend taking something that only has caffeine like matcha green tea powder. Or a cup of coffee. If it's an evening class I don't recommend caffeine at all because it can affect your sleep. 

Julie: Again, very bio-individual – but you want to choose foods that are easy to digest and timing is important as far as how much you eat. Here’s examples: 

  • 2-3 hours: egg omelet on Ezekiel toast and avocado spread 

  • within 2 hours: oatmeal with berries and almonds 

  • within 1 hour: banana, orange or apple 

If I’m training like an athlete in a Burn 60 class, does that mean I can eat like an athlete too? 

Christian: If you are training at burn 60 you are an athlete that means you MUST eat like an athlete to maintain optimal performance and you will feel and look amazing too. 

Julie: We are all athletes in our own way and athletes:  

  • eat a variety of nutrient dense foods 
  • incorporate high quality protein in every meal 
  • eat mindfully and intuitively 
  • listens to their body

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