Trivia Week: Trainer Trivia

How well do you really know your trainers? You spend more than a few hours a week with them, but do you know what they studied in school or if they speak a foreign language? Well, now's the time to test your knowledge during this month's Trivia Week.

Here's how the contest works: 

  • Check the whiteboard in the lobby, instagram or the Burn 60 blog to view the questions.
  • Grab a trivia week card in the studio, fill it out and submit your answers by Sunday, August 13th.
  • Get all the answers correct, and you'll be put into a raffle to win a Burn 60 t-shirt or tank!


Brentwood Questions

1) Which trainer is a twin?

  • a. Kasseem
  • b. Kris
  • c. Julie
  • d. Rebecca


2) Which trainer lived on an 80-acre farm as a kid?

  • a. Liam
  • b. Lana
  • c. Nelly
  • d. Rebecca

3) Which trainer lived in a Frankfurt Airport for a month in 1995?

  • a. Andrew
  • b. Liam
  • c. Nick
  • d. Keith


4) Which trainer completed Law School?

  • a. Keith
  • b. Sam C
  • c. Rebecca
  • d. Kasseem

5) Which trainer is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan?

  • a. Kris
  • b. Kaseem
  • c. Nick
  • d. Andrew


West Hollywood Questions

1) Which trainer used to be a pole vaulter?

  • a. Kris
  • b. Andrew
  • c. Kevin
  • d. Sam


2) Which trainer used to work as an Arabic translator?

  • a. Sam
  • b. Wes
  • c. Zach
  • d. Ricardo


3) Which trainer studied finance in college?

  • a. Lana
  • b. Christian
  • c. Jenia
  • d. Ricardo


4) Which trainer speaks fluent Russian?

  • a. Lana
  • b. Jenia
  • c. Katie Jo
  • d. Kris


5) Which trainer used to speak French and grew up in New Orleans?

  • a. Andrew
  • b. Katie Jo
  • c. Christian
  • d. Kris