August M.V.B. Angela Chen!

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We’re  proud to announce Angela Chen as the August 2017 Most Valuable Burner! Truly, we couldn’t be more proud to honor Angela as an active member of the Burn 60 family! She started out taking Signature 60 classes on Sunday’s. Then she challenged herself to an Express 45 class and bumped it up to 2x a week.  As Angela’s performance improved, she braved Liam’s Extreme class and now she is hooked- and running like the wind.  So determined. Her trainers boast about how she has progressed. And talk about contagious motivation- if she is running next to you- chances are you’re going to work a little harder and meet a milestone you haven’t reached before.

Tell us about your first class at Burn on April 3 at 1015?    

I thought running at an 8 was fast and a sprint was a 9.

Do you have a favorite instructor or class and why? 

Toss up between Kris and Liam.  They both like to torture me. 

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

Favorite: Any run I actually make my distance on.

Least favorite: Complex floor work (I've been told I'm not coordinated).

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

The trainers (obviously) they celebrate your good days and call you out on your bad days (and then post it all over Instagram). 

What keeps me coming back?  Every workout at Burn still feels like a small victory.


She ran her first ever 3 min half mile in my class and I watched an wondered if she was going to finish that run or the run was going to finish her. Pure fight! …. Liam G. 

Angela Chen reminds me of that quiet, shy athlete who comes out to play and lets her action speak for itself. You may miss her walk in the door, but you'll feel her presence when she gets to work! Hard working, disciplined and humble!.... Kris C.

Angela Chen is a fighter. She doesn't want to give up or quit. She is running so much more fluid and that continued improvement fuels her to fight even harder. That makes us, her trainers, more and more impressed with her fight!.... Andrew S.