Milestone Program Update

The Milestone Program is an integral part of Burn 60's DNA. It's challenges + benchmarks were designed by our master trainers to progressively elevate your performance while training at Burn 60. Not just within the program, but during every class. 

The 4 core challenges lay the foundation for our training method. You're ability to perform them, supercharges your workout. How? 3 words: endurance, speed and strength. That's what the program is engineered to improve. The faster, longer and harder you can push, the more you'll get out of class. 

Another contributing factor, the psychological effect. The more challenges you knock off, the more you'll start to see the Milestones within every class routine. Trust us, you won't be able to run on the tread for 2:00 without hitting .25! We want you to train with intention. We want you to set goals. Not just for a month or year. But before every sprint, push-up and burpee. Let's get to that reality together!.

Starting next week we're launching 2 major updates to the milestone program: 

  1. We're adding a 4th, introductory level
  2. We'll be rotating a new challenge into the mix every month. 


The new Level 1 is the perfect set of goals for a 1st time burner to focus on. 



Begining in September, we're adding a new "Wildcard" challenge to the program every month. Elite and long time Burners, this is all you. Now you'll have a new challenge to set your eyes on every 30 days. 

If you have any questions about what level you should start at or how the program works, ask your trainer next time you're in the studio!