July M.V.B. Rioko T!

Congratulations to Rioko T! July's Most Valuable Burner. Andrew S describes her as "a beast", and we think that's an understatement. In 2 years, she has somehow managed to take over 200 classes with 21 different trainers...WOW. Keep crushing it Rioko! 

Tell us about your first class at Burn on December 14, 2015

It took me 2 months of contemplating before finally signing up for my 1st class. Running was never my thing (I still don't love it), I was recovering from a shoulder injury, and I didn't know what to expect. I don't remember much in detail of the actual workout that day, as my brain could only focus on just getting through the 60 minutes. I think I mostly walked on treadmill. My top running speed was at 5.0 if that. But when I left the studio, I remember saying to myself I think I found the one! It's been a great journey since. 

Do you have a favorite instructor or class? 

That's a tough one! Every single instructor is a top-notch professional, and they all have something very special and unique about them!  I appreciate their creativity and expertise, their vast collection of eclectic playlists, and their inspiring words of encouragement when the going gets tough. The instructors somehow make the very challenging workout fun and enjoyable, which I greatly appreciate because there's no way I'd be working out this hard on my own. I need them to tell me what to do!

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise? 

 I like strength exercises for upper body as well as short bursts of increment running at zero incline. I dread inclines - anything over 3% saps my endurance energy quickly and I struggle. Also, I'm not a fan of high jumps (rough on my knees). 

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?  

No matter how tough the workout, I always feel more energized after a Burn. Even on days when I dread even just thinking about working out, if I manage to make myself show up, I feel 100% better after a Burn. I love the variety of challenging workout, love the amazing (and some scary 😂) trainers, love the friendly front desk staff, and I love the spacious and well-maintained WeHo studio, not to mention easy, free parking. Burn 60 has become a pillar of my weekly routine. This is the first time I stuck with any type of exercise program consistently for this long, and that's something. 


Here's what trainer Andrew S has to say about Rioko

"Rioko is a beast. She sets a goal and will do everything she can to meet it. When we had the Olympic competition, she went every day to win the month. When she had the victory with stars clearly in hand she continued to keep going. She might not be the fastest, she might not be the strongest, but she takes all the hard classes and all comers without fail and puts her head down and does the work. To me, that is awesome. And for that, I give her much deserved respect"……. Andrew S.