February Most Valuable Burner: Aaron Brisco

We are honored to announce Aaron Brisco as this month's Most Valuable Burner. Over the past 7 months, Aaron has lost 40 pounds and is sprinting at a 12.5! His goal some 100 classes ago was to live a healthier life, lose weight and feel more confident. We're proud to say he's accomplished all 3. He's even started bringing his girlfriend Jennifer to Burn! 

Aaron says he still has a way to go before he reaches his weight goal, but he never felt better. Keep up the great work Aaron, keep hustlin' and there's no doubt in our mind that you'll conquer all of your goals You've been an inspiration to all of us... 

"The key to any success story is the desire to achieve what at first seems impossible, but through hard work, belief, desire and perseverance, the impossible not only becomes possible, but becomes a reality. The reality of Aaron Brisco... a success story that inspires others around him and the trainers who train him" - Andrew S.

"Aaron works hard every class he takes. He never complains and always goes the extra yard. I'm honoured to call him one of my regulars." - Liam G

"Aaron steps up in every class, with great discipline, and the determination to improve!" - Kris C.