December M.V.B. Ken Van Fossen!

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A chat with our M.V.B.

Tell us about your first class at Burn on Thursday, January 21, 2016, with Kris?

I remember being very nervous during my first class. I also remember the class being incredibly challenging, but Kris was incredibly helpful in keeping me motivated to get through it and to come back for more. 

Do you have a favorite instructor or class?

Kris Cueva is my favorite instructor. He knows how to keep me motivated and challenged to push a little harder every class. My favorite line of his is “just get better.” Any little improvement helps. And I’m definitely a morning class guy. Working out before I start my day helps to keep me energized and my mood elevated. 

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

I’d have to say my favorite exercise is the minute sprint. I’m a sucker for sprints. I feel that I can really wrap my head around running as fast as possible for one minute and pushing as hard as I can (just get better). As for my least favorite…burpees. I hate them. Yuk. But I still do them. :-)

What do you love most about Burn and what keeps you coming back?

What I love most about Burn are the trainers. All of them are pleasant, knowledgeable, and motivating and fun at the same time. I think almost all the trainers I’ve worked out with know who I am and have taken an interest in pushing me. That means more to me than one might think. In the past, relative to fitness and exercise, I was the guy that gave up early and easily. I was constantly anxious during other studio workouts and gyms and had an “I can’t do this” attitude.  The attention at Burn has kept me accountable and motivated and allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to reach the fitness goals I’ve always wanted, but constantly failed at or just gave up entirely. I am now pushing 40-years-old and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life. That's insane to me. I am in better shape at 40 than I was at 20. That. Is. MADNESS!!! This entire experience has helped to increase my self-esteem and provided me the confidence in myself that had been lacking up until this point. 

 What has been your greatest accomplishment inside the studio?  

I think my greatest accomplishment inside the studio is the fact that I’ve stuck with it. It’s become a part of my life now. If I don’t visit Burn regularly I feel “off.”  As a psychotherapist, I know that importance of managing one’s mood, including anxiety and depression. If I don't get there regularly I feel tired, slow, and irritable. Burn is my natural anti-depressant. It’s my routine and my self-care. It’s become the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself and has truly changed my life. 


I would also like to give particular credit to Kris Cueva. He was the instructor during my first Burn 60 class and he got me to come back…continuously.  He took interest in pushing me to reach goals that he knew I could reach, even when I didn’t think I could. He kept me accountable, even when I wasn’t being accountable to myself. And he never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. No other instructor that I’ve ever taken, in any studio or gym, has had the effect on my life that Kris has had. He has helped to change my life and I owe so much of my progress and transition to his training and motivation.

And I keep coming back...


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