Why You Should Train with a Heart Rate Monitor


The more information you gather during a Burn 60 workout, the easier it is to train efficiently and accelerate results.

But what does it mean to train efficiently? When it comes to running, there are 2 key factors to examine, effort vs. exertion:

  • Effort = Speed or distance (how hard you tried)
  • Exertion = Heartrate (the effects of effort on your body a.k.a. fatigue)

To increase your running efficiency, you must increase or hold a level of effort (speed or distance), while minimizing fatigue (exertion). For example, running your .25 pace with a lower heart rate or running a 11.0 sprint with a lower heart rate than your 10.0 sprint.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I measure this?” The easiest and best way to measure your running efficiency is to train with a Burn 60 heart rate monitor chest strap.


When you’re crushing high intensity intervals, your goal should be to hit high running speeds and/or achieve long distances while staying in the aerobic zone. For Burn 60 athletes, that’s 80-90% max heartrate. Training in the aerobic zone has incredible benefits. It increases your fat burning capacity, endurance and strengthens your heart.

As soon as you hit around 93% max heart rate, you enter the anaerobic zone. In this zone, your body is forced to operate on lower oxygen levels, your decision-making skills are compromised, and your running form deteriorates. During an all-out sprint, you’ll end up in the anaerobic zone, and that’s not bad! But, always try to keep your heart rate as low as possible no matter what zone you are in by relaxing your upper body and focusing on your running form.

Everyone’s zones are different, your aerobic zones may be lower or anaerobic threshold higher. But, the first step to understanding your individual spectrum is to calculate your max heart rate (220- your age) and to be aware of your heart rate % during different running stages (jog-run-sprint).

The better your body can combat fatigue, the quicker you’ll see results, and decrease your chances of injury. So next time you sign up for class, purchase a Burn 60 heart rate strap from the front desk and start training smart!