5 Tips For Better Running Form


Whether you’re a seasoned runner or hopping on the tread for the first time, it’s important to focus on your running form. Proper form is the #1 way to reduce injury and of course get faster (and who doesn’t want that!) So, here’s 5 tips from our trainers to focus on during your next class…


Run Tall


The better your posture, the more efficient your running technique. Hold your head high, stare forward, keep your shoulders low and loose and your torso and back naturally straight. If you’re slumped over, your muscles work harder to hold your body upright.


Watch Your Elbows + Relax Your Hands


Keep your hands loose, arms tight to your body, and elbows at a 90-degree angle. When you swing your arms, don’t cross the mid-line of your body – it throws off your symmetry + leads to quicker fatigue.


Keep Your Strides Short and Be Aware of Your Foot Strike


Keep your strides short, strike directly underneath your body and focus on pushing up and off behind you. If you’re landing in front of your hips, you’re over-striding, which can lead to hamstring and knee injuries.


Breath Though Your Belly


Sound weird right! What we’re really saying is to breathe from your diaphragm, which allows your lungs to take in the most oxygen. When you only use your chest muscles, you take in less oxygen and fatigue quicker. Focus on inhaling and exhaling through both your nose and mouth, raising your belly as you inhale and lowering your belly as you exhale.



Don’t Hover the Tread


The more fluid your stride, the more efficient your stride. Give your legs the room to fully extend by staying in the middle of the treadmill. Besides, you don’t need to jump off – you’re an athlete!