Trainers' Favorite Olympic Events

WOW! The first weekend of the Rio summer games did not disappoint! See what events your favorite Burn 60 trainers will be tuning into this upcoming week...

What is your favorite summer Olympic event and why? 

Heather May: "All around gymnastics. When I was younger I totally thought I was going to be an Olympic gymnast! " 

Kyle Blix: "I like the javelins. It seems so ancient, we've been doing it since ancient Geek times. The throwing motion of the spear is so athletic and warrior like."

Andrew Schuth: "Swimming, because they are pure athletes, have you seen Michael Phelps swim?"

Christian Cinalli: "Olympic Weightlifting, I know how difficult it is, and to get the form correct takes so much practice. The weight to strength ratio is crazy. You have 120 pound guys lifting at least 250." 

Jenia Koroleva: "Running because I want to see Usain Bolt win. Or cycling because I want to see Chris Firm win gold, he won the Tour de France two weeks ago. Very few people have won a gold medal at the Tour back to back."

Kevin McAlpine: "Gymnastics, 1) I want to be able to do stuff like that. 2. The guys are gorgeous. 3 see #2."

Sean Williams: "Track and Field. It’s the perfect balance of strength, endurance and speed to see who the fastest athlete in that event are in the world." 

Rebecca Kordecki: "Gymnastics, because I love watching what the human body is capable of in motion. It just proves that just using body weight can change your physique."

Charlotte Mooney: "Woman's gymnastics. They are constantly blowing my mind with what they can do with their bodies." 

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