Welcome to WEHO: Wes Ferguson

Welcome to West Hollywood Wes Ferguson! For Wes, "fitness is life", learn more about what inspired him to become a trainer, what to expect in his class and his favorite beats of the moment ... 

Where are you from? 

Van Buren, Ohio. 

What inspired you to become a trainer?

I started training others very young, when I was 16 teaching gymnastics to younger kids. I take the knowledge that I have and pass it on, so learning new things and sharing them with others is what inspires me. 

What drives you? 

My drive is to learn more and keep evolving. It keeps life exciting and new. 

What can people expect when they come to your class? 

It's like a dance party with weights. I play upbeat music, have fun, and push people to do their best. My workouts are full body, with progressive moves that cater to all levels. 

What are your favorite beats of the moment? 

Catch Wes's class is WEHO Thursdays at 9:30a. Sign up HERE.