Welcome to WEHO Jenia!

West Hollywood's newest trainer will be taking over the 10:45a on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you want a killer workout, Jenia is your girl!

How Would you describe your personality?

Determined, relentless, focused... And last but not least, really fun! I don't quit easily and won't let you either. I will train you, the way I train myself. You got here, my job is to make you not only stay but be glad you did. You need a push, I'll hand you a slam ball, you need a twist, I'll toss you a medicine ball, you need a pull, I'll throw you a band. Everyone has different reasons for working out, I will figure out your goals and help you reach them. 

What can people expect when they come to your class?

A high intensity, sweaty race to the finish. I will run you through sprints, drills, high impact and low impact body weight training and throw in some toning and muscle conditioning as your recovery. You want a killer workout, need a 'push' and partner to do it with? You'll always find one here. 

Schedule Your Next Class With Jenia HERE.