A Carb Lover's Dream: Protein Packed Oatmeal Pancakes

The sizzle of the griddle, the sweet smell of fresh maple syrup... nothing brings me back to my childhood like a stack of pancakes in the morning. If only there were a way to satisfy my everlasting sweet tooth without loading up on empty carbs?

Well, thanks to trainer Charlotte Mooney's Oatmeal Pancake Recipe I can! Her guilt free, protein packed, oat filled masterpiece will have you ready to tackle any workout Burn 60 throws at you. 

Even Liam's Extreme 45 class... but don't tell him I said that ;) 


  • 2/3 cup oats
  • 3-4 egg whites
  • 2 tbs almond milk
  • fruit that you desire (ex. blueberries, raspberries, banana, blackberries, strawberries…)
  • honey (you can drizzle a bit on top when you are done). I add a stevia or equal to the mix instead.


  • Mix the oats, egg whites and fruit in a bowl.
  • Put in nutribullet, or your blender. Blend the mixture until semi-smooth. Do not over blend.
  • Add the almond milk in and hand-mix.
  • Cook on skillet like regular pancakes.
  • Eat and enjoy, for any meal!!
  • These are amazing snacks are are great cold as well as hot!

Next time you run into Char let her know what you think! 

See you on a treadmill. 

Love, Sweat + Cheers, 


Her guilt free, protein packed, oat filled masterpiece will have you ready to tackle any workout Burn 60 throws at you.
— Scott
Berries on Berries on Berries .... 

Berries on Berries on Berries .... 


Scott Zachau

 Scott Zachau, an overweight child turned fitness fanatic has embarked on a life long culinary adventure in search of guilt free, tasty treats and protein packed super meals that satisfy his never ending hunger for all things sweet and salty. 

A self proclaimed curator of cuisine, Scott can't wait to share the nutritional tips, tricks and recipes he has accrued along the way to guilt free nirvana.