During the New Year we challenge you to make a commitment....


We all come to BURN with different agendas & intentions. But the moment we step into the studio we become a team. This year LET’S BURN TOGETHER. Let’s challenge each other to begin every workout with a goal and end with a victory. To improve our lives & those around us. To push each other out of our comfort zones & never look back. Start this year off by SETTING YOUR GOALS ON FIRE. Make the most of every workout & do everything with a purpose. 

We want to help you ignite your new years resolutions. So we've outlined 10 performance based milestones for your to strive for during 2017.  Next time you're in the studio head over to the front desk and grab a milestone card...


Commit to at least one (or create your own) & post it to our "Set Your Goals on Fire" poster board in the lobby for the whole team to see. Hitting these milestones won't be easy. But hey, nothing worth having is. Stay determined, keep moving forward & push through your boundaries.  

Alright team, it’s time to BURN!  See YOU on a treadmill! And let's set this year ON FIRE.