3 Reasons Why a B-12 Boost is the BEST November Challenge Recovery Tool

1 week down. 3 more to go. The November Challenge is well underway and you've already put in some serious work towards your totals…obviously ;).  As the challenge continues, it's important to focus on your recovery. You'll never get to the finish line if you don't take care of your body first. That's why for the next 3 weeks, we're putting out content that focuses on natural and alternative treatments to help your body relax and fight fatigue.

This first installment in our NOVEMBER RECOVERY SERIES comes from our awesome community partners Skin Thesis. They've spent some time educating us on the benefits of B-12 vitamin boosts and how they can help fight fatigue by aiding the production of red blood cells. Ready for some knowledge? Because it's comin' in hot.


1.       B-12 Boosts Concentration and Increases Energy

a.       Ever feel like you lose focus 1/2 through a class, or even worse can't get out of bed in the morning? (everyone knows late cancels are no fun). A B-12 shot increases your neural and cognitive function -- boosting concentration and increasing energy.

2.       B-12 Helps You Sleep Better

a.  A good nights sleep is a major key to success in life and your workout. Ever try a 6:00a Burn class on 4 hours of sleep? (we don't recommend it). So, if you're short on time (and who isn't these days), a B-12 shot will help regulate your circadian rhythm, which will improve your quality of sleep. 

3.       B-12 will Keep You from Getting Sick

a.  If you have your sight set on winning the November Challenge and feel a little cold coming on, a B-12 shot might be your best bet to stay in the game. It provides a boost to the immune system by making the rest of the body run more smoothly. 


So, do you think you need a little B-12 in your life? (I know we do). Connect with our good friends at Skin Thesis to schedule a B-12 vitamin boost. Oh, and one more thing. If you mention BURN 60 you'll receive 40% off your shot. That’s a $50 treatment for only $30.  Good luck during week 2 of the November Challenge, we’re rooting for you! And check back next week for the 2nd installment of the NOVEMBER RECOVERY SERIES.

Skin thesis is located in the heart of West Hollywood and neighbors the Burn 60 WeHo location. Skin Thesis has a holistic theory that utilizes technology, inject-able, specialized treatments, and products to deliver optimal results for your skin. Learn more on their website HERE…