The Recovery Tool You Never Thought Of... Acupuncture

The second installment in our November Challenge Recovery Series comes from long time Burn FAM member Nell Smircina! As clinic manager of Emperor's College Acupuncture Clinic, shes a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture as a recovery tool. Ready for some knowledge? Cause it's coming at ya....

An important aspect of training is recovery. It is often overlooked- we are constantly pushing ourselves in work, exercise and life in general and often forget to take a breather. When you’re looking to improve your level of fitness, whether for cardiovascular/strength training goals or for overall health, utilizing different resources for recovery is extremely important. The better you recover, the better your future progress will be. If you are pushing yourself to your limit in this awesome November Challenge, don’t forget to give your body the recovery it needs. A tool you may not have considered for athletic recovery: Acupuncture!

3 reasons acupuncture helps with athletic recovery:

 It affects sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Or just not getting enough of it? Acupuncture helps regulate the endocrine system and has a tremendous effect on hormone regulation, so it can greatly benefit sleep. Sleep for athletic recovery is critical. The release of human growth hormone (important for muscle repair and recovery) is increased during sleep. Certain activities associated with digestion, cell repair, and growth are often greatest during sleep, which also speaks to its importance for muscle repair.  Poor sleep is also linked to an increase in cortisol which can affect blood sugar regulation in the body. So, if you aren’t having the length or quality of sleep your body needs, your overall recovery will be inhibited.

It boosts the immune system

As we push ourselves, our body expends energy and often can get to a point of feeling run down because the energy once used to protect us from pathogens is being burned off by activity. There is nothing wrong with pushing ourselves, but we need to make sure to keep our immune system strong in order to not be susceptible to disease. Studies have shown acupuncture to be effective in increasing T-cells, which help kill bacteria and viruses in the body. The healthier you stay, the more you can get out of your fitness goals.   

It aids in musculoskeletal recovery and helps with muscle soreness and pain

Acupuncture is a microtrauma, so when a small needle is placed in a specific area on the body, it calls the body’s attention to that area. Just like when you have a bruise, the body is told to send immune modulators to that area. When you’re looking to repair any breakdown that’s going on with your muscles, targeting these sore areas is important. Acupuncture helps increase circulation to those muscles- and more blood flow = a greater capacity to decrease the trauma and increase the capacity to heal and recover from vigorous exercise.

Consider adding acupuncture to your recovery regimen. It could be a game changer in your fitness journey! 

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