Fitness, It's A Family Affair

When Victoria Beyer, 39, noticed we were taking over the space which had formerly been her local pilates studio she was intrigued, but skeptical. Treadmills, kettle-bells, and crosscore contraptions were a far cry from her regular workout equipment and the high intensity interval classes we offer are literally the exact opposite of the low intensity training to which she had grown accustomed. Still, when we opened our Thousand Oaks location last spring, Victoria couldn't help but notice our "First Week FREE" option and decided to take advantage. She's been coming to Burn regularly ever since.

"I love it, " Victoria said when asked what made her convert so quickly. "It's just a really amazing, well-rounded workout and the trainers really push you. Plus, when you pair high cardio and weights, that's when you start seeing changes in your body - I noticed results right away."

Victoria was such huge a fan from the get-go that she insisted her husband Brennan begin coming to class with her. Now, they both work out with our trainers four times a week! The two who have two children under the age of 10, Jack and Olivia, have been married for eleven years and have no intention of slowing things down anytime soon. They have kept exceptionally active this summer, often doing planks, push-ups and sit-ups with their kids and love challenging each other to complete circuits in the pool on days when the sun gets unbearably hot. Believe it or not, the Beyer passion for fun and fitness doesn't stop there.

Pictured Above: The Beyer family with Burn 60 Studios Trainer Robyn Logan

Pictured Above: The Beyer family with Burn 60 Studios Trainer Robyn Logan

Victoria's mother Patty, 62, Aunt Marina, 51, sister-in-law Rebecca, 44 and brother have all made Burn 60 Studios Thousand Oaks their home gym! 

"It's been amazing to work out with my mom and my husband even though we are at different fitness levels," said Victoria. "The high-energy and endorphins keep me going and I think it helps that I've motivated all of these people to come with me."

We couldn't agree more! We at Burn 60 are big advocates of the buddy system when it comes to working out. Having someone you can count on every day to help make you accountable is a sure fire way to ensure that you almost never skip a workout!

So what keeps this family coming back for more? Victoria insists it's because no class is ever the same. "Even if you have the same instructor, you never get bored!"