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This July marks Burn 60 Studios 10 year anniversary and we could not be more proud of how far the Burn 60 family has come. What was once a small, boutique studio in Brentwood, hosting just a handful of clients, has now blossomed into a multi-studio community of passionate trainers and dedicated "burners," all working towards the common goal of health and happiness.

Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating by giving away an array of fun prizes to our clients, as well as sharing a few memorable "Burn Moments," from various members of the Burn 60 Studios family. Below, Burn 60 Studio's owner Janet Crown shares her favorites.




1.     Hearing that our dedicated clients showed up after an earthquake at 6am.

2.     Trainers holding class in the parking lot because the power went out in the studio.

3.     The drive of 24 men doing burpees after a brutal 60 minute class, all for charity… or maybe vanity, as none wanted to be the first to quit.

4.     Hearing the passion in the trainers voices when they tell me about a specific class or how our clients inspire them to be the best trainers possible.

5.     Opening up our second studio in Thousand Oaks and weeks away from our third in West Hollywood.

6.     Reading the trainer's bios and knowing that most have been in the Burn family for 2 to 9 years… and counting.

7.     Learning that a client tripped, broke her nose and still finished the workout – oh yeah, she came back to class the next day.

8.     Giving the Brentwood studio a make-over, new awning and painting the bathroom Burn RED.

9.     Being there to watch clients meet new friends or the love of their life.

10.  Getting to know as many of our wonderful and loyal clients, strike that, friends as I have…

What a privilege to have the opportunity to help make 7,000 lives a little healthier and a little happier...60 minutes at a time.



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