Introducing Wedding Wednesday!

Meet Julia Winkler. This adorable, active, Oregon native is a recent Los Angeles transplant who, in addition to learning the in's and out's of a new city and embarking on a new career, is deep in the midst of planning her wedding. She came to us in search of a way to find calm amid the chaos and we couldn't be happier that she did! As a soon to be bride, Julia wants to look her best on the big day, but like us, she realizes that fitness is about so much more than ones appearance. Committing to a regular workout regime can offer one balance in a seemingly hectic environment. We are so thankful that she has found that balance here at Burn 60 Studios and are equally excited to note that she has invited us to share in her journey to the alter.

In the upcoming weeks, Julia will disclose the highs and lows of venturing towards her upcoming nuptials. She will be attending regular classes at Burn 60 Studios and also utilizing special "do anywhere" workouts provided by our trainers as she travels back and forth in preparation of the ceremony. 

In Her Own Words:

My fiancee and I moved from San Francisco to Santa Monica at the end of last year, after he accepted a new job as an attorney with a local law firm. In San Francisco, I had been working a fairly intense job at an investment bank. While I had always made a concerted effort to exercise as much as my schedule allowed, I wanted to make getting into better shape a true priority while I enjoyed a short break from the working world and got settled into LA life. I certainly took advantage of my free time and sampled a wide variety of classes across the city. With Burn 60, it was really love at first class - I can honestly say that it’s my favorite workout. I always leave the studio with my endorphins pumping and ready to face whatever the day has in store for me.

In the spring, I accepted a new position, working in Operations for Uber, the ridesharing company. My fiancee and I are getting married at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR (my hometown) over Columbus Day weekend in October. My family is local and I’m tremendously grateful to have a mother who can handle much of the planning. That being said, there is still quite a bit to do and between prepping for the wedding and starting a new job, my schedule can certainly get crazy! Despite that, I make a big effort to prioritize fitness. Not just because I want to look good for my wedding (though that does apply some additional pressure!), but also because I know that I feel better, stronger and happier when I’m working out regularly.

Keep an eye on our blog for more about Julia and her upcoming nuptials!