CrossCore 101 | Suspended Bodyweight Training

Team Burn 60 Thousand Oaks and CrossCore expert Chris.

Team Burn 60 Thousand Oaks and CrossCore expert Chris.

Just when you thought your Burn 60 workout couldn't get any better, we're happy to announce that it can - and it will thanks to our friends at CrossCore USA

CrossCore is quietly taking the fitness industry by storm by revolutionizing the way we perform suspended body weight exercises. Their equipment, which works similarly to TRX or the basic gymnastic rings, comes with an added twist (literally!) that has proven challenging for even the fittest of our Burn 60 trainers.

CrossCore 101

So what makes their suspension equipment so special? A patented pulley system, that's what! Unlike most suspension equipment which remains relatively stable when in use, CrossCore's secret lies in a removable pin that allows it's two extended grips to move freely back and forth by way of a rotating wheel. When the pin is in place, the wheel remains locked and the device acts like any other piece of suspension equipment. However, once the pin is removed, the wheel is free to rotate and the user is forced to find stability between each grip using their core (and roughly every other muscle in their body). 

Sounds intense right? Well, it is. After an afternoon testing out this new equipment on each other, our trainers cannot wait to test it out on YOU! Summer is just around the corner and we're prepared to do whatever it takes to get you feeling strong, sexy and in the best shape yet - starting with incorporating CrossCore into our classes. Are you ready for a new challenge? Sign up for your next BURN here.